Oregon, 2002; Witnesses See Beam of Light from Object
The UFO Casebook received the following report with graphics on 01-02-06.

Note: The photograph displayed here is a photograph taken at the scene of the sighting, greyscaled, and then a depiction of the beam was added to the photograph in a graphics program.

Fall 2002 Woodstock Park Southeast Portland, Oregon.

We were in a park and saw a large star in the East sky, which grew in size instantly, then held size then grew instantly, etc. This occurred about six times till it grew 3/4 the size of a Full moon, but at the brightest point it shot an INTENSELY BRIGHT white light down to earth; "the beam of light had thickness, it was about 1/2 as thick as a full moons width."

Then it repeated its stair stepping but was getting smaller, holding size, getting smaller...about six times until it was the size of a large star again. Then it started moving; it flew in an S shape up then back and around smoothly.

Then it just shot like a shooting star straight, like light speed and it was gone. This changed my life, I don't know and I know I don't know... but I do know there is more. I would like to learn more, do you think that you could help us?

What we saw; NOTHING in nature, or nothing man made could do that. Humans just do not have that type of power and it was not an exploding star or something one could explain away...I am wondering all the time. What we saw was a show of control and power. There must have been other people who saw this; it's a big city, a big state...but one problem is "people don't stop to look up" they are stuck watching TV.

So there is the story...and I am working on a one minute animation to put what we saw into motion, so I will not have to write, or use my words...I could just show a clip...I am going to burn it on DVD and distribute it!... I have now invested in some equipment... i.e. a 5-disk DVD burner... and good laptop... I am actually working on the animation now... but I would like to know if you have any suggestions on places & people that would be good to send this DVD to... See I do not think it would be fair to the world to see this and not tell as many people as possible...

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