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MEXICO: Fundacion Cosmos Obtains High Strangeness Photo (flying entity?)

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology-October 3, 2006

***A report from Ing. Marco A. Reynoso***

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Fundacion Cosmos A.C., under the direction of Ing. Marco A. Reynoso, MUFON State Director for Nuevo Leon, has been among Mexico's most active research organizations, regularly fielding well-equipped expeditions into the Mexican Republic's remotest regions, such as the enigmatic Zone of Silence near Ceballos, Durango. The Paredon Plateau in the state of Coahuila has been an area of frequent research by Fundacion Cosmos, given its long history of UFO, paranormal and high-strangeness activity.

IMPORTANT - due to the sensitve nature of the image, Ing. Reynoso has asked that the image not be circulated, and while it is in INEXPLICATA's possession at this moment, we will gladly abide by his wishes - SC.]

Dear Colleagues - the following photograph was taken by Ing. Franklin Rojas on July 2, 2006 outside the town of Paredon, Coahuila, on the way to the location known as "Ojo Frio". In this image we may see an EBANI [Acronym for --Unidentified Aerial Biological Entity). The Expeditionary Team of Fundacion Cosmos performed field tests and measurments at the site in order to provide greater information about the photograph and the flying entity. This writer performed photometry and color spectrography tests to ascertain the authenticity of said photo only as a support to the material providd, without calling into question its author's credibility at any time. The conclusion reached was the following: The photo is authentic without any hoaxing or trickery. The EBANI is there and according to my calculations it should have measured approximately 20-25 meters long and was flying some 50 meters off the ground.

This photograph was also provided to Mr. Arturo Robles Gil, who submitted the photograph to certain analytical procedures and reached the same conclusion.

Interestingly, Ing. Rojas was not aware of this flying entity when said photo was taken, only afterwards, when he saw it in his Fuji Funpix digital camera.

source and references:

Fundacion Cosmos, A.C. (Monterrey, Mexico)

DATE: October 1, 2006

Additional Report on Paredon Entity Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology-October 3, 2006

SOURCE: Fundacion Cosmos, A.C.

DATE: 10.02.06

Thoughts Regarding Paredon Entity (EBANI)

from David Lara Cervantes

Those of us who live in Coahuila know that the Paredon Region, right up to "La Muralla" (part of the mountain range) is a hot zone as regards paranormal events and UFO sightings. There was a time when people traveling along the Saltillo-Monclova road would metnion a half-man, half-horse creature. UFO sightings at Hacienda de Guadalupe are also common. A couple with whom I spoke told me of the following experience.

They did business in the "los ranchos" region when one day, at noon under clear skies, they decided to stop for lunch at Hacienda de Guadalupe. They were eating inside their pickup truck when they heard a buzzing sound and realized that a silvery orb was directly over their vehicle. They watched it for a few seconds until the sphere "suddenly rose" and both eyewitnesses passed out. They woke up a few hours later and fled the area. They were simple people and to them, the event was merely "an apparition". I never mentioned to them the possibility that they could have been abducted.

Fireballs, which tradition maintains are witches in flight, are also a common sight.

What is unusualy is that these events take place during given periods of time (what insiders would term "waves") and the EBANI's apparition coincide with a UFO wave taking place in southern Coahuila (Mexico). The week before last, a Saltillo newspaper published a photograph of a UFO, which I am trying to secure.

(translation (c) 2006, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ing. Marco A. Reynoso).

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