19 April 2006-Small Spherical UFO Follows Pennsylvania Driver

Today I interviewed a witness who reported having an unusual encounter with a small luminous object on April 7, 2006. This woman was driving on Route 271, and heading west between Johnstown and Ligonier. The vehicle was moving at about 40 mph and all was normal when suddenly the driver noticed a bright source of light towards the passenger side window. At first the driver thought it was the headlight of an approaching car reflecting on her side mirror. The operator soon realized that there was no car following her. The witness slowed down to about 15 mph so that she could take a better look at this unusual light.

About 3 feet away from the window, was a bright spherical object, about the size and shape of a standard car headlight. The solid round object was glowing a bright white light. On the outside leading edge of the sphere, was a crescent shaped attachment that glowed of a very bright yellow color. The light from the object while very bright, was not blinding.

The object continued to follow along with the vehicle for about 1/2 mile. The object while maintaining it's position in front of the window, would move at times about an inch or two, up and down. The driver watched as the sphere backed away from the window, then arched upwards, and moved out of sight. The witness heard no sound, and all operations of her vehicle operated normally during this experience.

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