UFO Videotaped over Phoenix, AZ, 03-02-06

B J,

How is everything?

I was out skywatching and taped something that I think is incredible. Right now at this time of year between 7:30pm - 8pm I will see anywhere between 1 and 10 glowing objects. Sounds too good to be true but I have all the evidence including this exploding object I think you will enjoy.

I don't know how high these objects are or how big but I am guessing that the size and brightness depends on how high or low these fly. Here is a video of one of these objects exloding for whatever reason. It seems that 1 out of every 50 of these objects will act this way but not to this degree. This one is huge.

What I am about to say seems unreal but since June 6th, 2004 to present I have taped over 1,600 of these objects. I CAN PROVE IT!!!

Anyway... here is the video. The object is in focus at first but the object gets so big it causes a lens flare and the object looks like an apple. I don't think the object looks like an apple but rather an orb-like object causing a lens flare.

Thank you for listening and watching.

All the best,

Report & Video © Rich Giordano


Phoenix, Arizona

email: info@cnufos.com

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