Daylight Video of Tube-Like Object over Phoenix, AZ, 03-13-06

B J,

How's it going today? I thought I should share this with you.

While sky watching I noticed a white jet heading my direction from the SW approaching at a high speed. As it neared overhead it slowed down considerably but kept on going out of sight. A minute later another white jet, maybe the same one, came screaming in from the North heading South right over my house.

As this plane is going out of sight another white jet comes in from the North at a snails pace and keeps going until out of sight. I have all this on video. No markings on the planes just all white. I have never seen activity like this before so I kept waiting for another white jet to come by but instead I saw this strange tube-like object heading my direction. I couldn't figure out what it was at first thinking it was a plane but the object seemed transparent and had a distorted nose (upright portion). I thought I was out of focus so I kept trying to manually focus the object into perfect clarity but the object still had a distorted nose and a clearly focused body.

I was unsure and amazed by what I saw. This object was spinning clockwise and I could have sworn the tube-like object released other smaller white objects at an incredible speed. The object was very high and must have been the size of 2 planes. During the taping of this object you can clearly see it tip on it's side halfway through the video and tilt back upright while maintaining it's course. So that right there will rule out a plane. Was it a dragon fly? No, and for many obvious reasons. It was very, very high and of course no sound. I don't have a clue as to what it was but maybe the white jets did. The jets did not return after I lost sight of the object.

Here are a couple of videos. One video at regular speed and the other showing stills and zooms. Have you ever seen anything like this? If anyone has video like this or they think they know what the object was please email me at

Many thanks,

Rich Giordano

Phoenix, Az.

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