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UFO Caught on Video; Phoenix, Arizona, 09-06-06
It seems my UFO drought has ended with a bang. After months of not seeing anything unusual in the sky I finally broke through with a magnificent UFO captured on video.

Last week I purchased a new camera, a Panasonic 3CCD PV-GS300 Digital Video Camcorder. It's a high end digital camera with Optical Stabilization, 3.1 MEGA PIXEL still picture recording and 40x magnification with the added lens attachment. Plus much more.

UFOs don't appear everyday like some people believe but when they do appear it's hard to dismiss the possibility that what's happening is actually happening. Especially when it's on video.

This object hovered in this location for 3 minutes before it disappeared. It looks like a disc-shape but I am not sure if that's the camera making it look this way. I used manual focus so what you are seeing as the object's motion is the actual motion of the object and not the camera trying to focus. Is this UFO spinning? It looks that way to me. It was a very clear day with scattered high clouds, a slight breeze, around 94 degrees and just after 5 PM. No other witnesses except my wife, who was on the phone. This object was not an iridium flare satellite nor was it a shooting star or space debris. The reason I say this is because when I first spotted the object it was more to the South.

As I kept watching it to make sure it wasn't a plane or balloon reflecting the sun I realized that this was a metallic object hovering in the same spot. I ran in the house to get the camera but when I came out it was gone. I was very upset thinking I'd just missed taping the thing. A minute later it popped up to the North and that is what I captured on tape. Hope you enjoy this as I feel this is the real thing. I am sending you a 26 sec portion of that sighting but if anyone wants to see the full version I will add my You Tube link so everyone can see the whole 2 minutes

Here's the youtube link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHtJXkoiCns

Many thanks,

Rich Giordano


Host - AzSkywatchers Radio

Chandler, Az

Thanks Rich, for sending in a great UFO video.

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