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UFOs Videotaped over Phoenix, AZ, 09-17-06
B J,

Hello again? Wow! I never thought I would be emailing you with another special something I just videotaped. I wouldn't have sent you this sighting because it seemed so mundane at the time but while rendering the video for my website I noticed something rather amazing and coincidental.

It is very clear today and finally cooling off enough so much that I skywatched for more than 3 minutes without melting. In Arizona the summer never seems to end until Christmas time.

Everything I am about to tell you I captured on video while playing with some features on my new camera. It started off with a few suspicious white jets flying side by side too close to be an accident. Then another pair, maybe the same 2 jets, come from the general direction from which I just lost sight of them. Seemingly indicating that they are looking for something or patrolling the skies. I really don't know but the last time I saw jets fly around like this I captured a strange rocket-like object that seemed to be spinning.

Now that the jets jarred my memory of the last time I've seen this kind of flight pattern I started scanning the skies as best I can. Getting in the shade to protect my eyes from the sun's rays and locating my tripod to get into position. After several minutes I thought I saw a shooting star. In the day!!! I was looking in that general area and saw a white dot in the sky. Of course my first initial thought was balloon but when I noticed the object changing direction and moving at a great speed away from which it just came, I tried to get it on tape. I failed.

I saw another flash above my head right next to the moon and noticed a white object moving towards it rather slowly. This is what I got on tape and are sending to you. But as I am rendering the video I noticed something dart across the screen. It looked like 2 cigar-shaped objects, maybe even disc-shaped, shoot right by the glowing object I was taping.

The first day video is from today (Sept 17th, 2006) and the other is from January 11th, 2006 at night. Both videos show a glowing object and the cigar whizzing by. I slowed both videos down to 1/10th speed and grabbed a few frames for comparison. Do they look the same? I think they do.

Do these glowing objects and these cigar-shaped/disc-shaped ufos communicate with each other? No one knows. Do the white jets know about them? Maybe.

If you look at each video by themselves one could say that it was a shooting star for the night video. If one was to look at the day video then one could say that these are just bugs or rods (same thing). But the fact that we have a day video and a night video of a glowing object with a cigar-shaped object coming so close at a high speed this may not be a coincidence after all. Who knows? Any ideas? Anyone?

Email Rich - info@cnufos.com

Have a great day, again! Rich Giordano

webmaster - cnufos.com

Host - AzSkywatchers Radio

Chandler, Az.

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