10-20-05-Tube-shaped object without wings caught on camera in Phoenix, AZ

B J,

How's it going this week? I noticed a lot of good reports lately and I would like to contribute with my own from today.

This morning we had some heavy chemtrail activity so I was outside taking some pics of the trails when I noticed something heading overhead that appeared to be corkscrewing it's way South.

I have a powerful 35mm camera lens attachment and took a picture and was able to get right on top of the object. It was spinning like a corkscrew with a tube-like shape. NO WINGS!

I grabbed the video camera and was able to catch a few seconds of the object as it just passed over my head. The object was under 5K ft. and disappeared behind the tree. I have never seen anything like it. I taped a plane soon after and showed a comparison in the clip.

Who knows what this could be? I have a feeling some people may think I am seeing a plane here but that's why I taped a plane which was around the same altitude to compare. What do you think?

Take care and thank you for listening and watching.

Rich Giordano


Phoenix, Az.

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