UFO Sighting & Video from Phoenix, Arizona, 05-13-06

After many, many hours of sky watching and seeing nothing there were a few sightings in the last week which I would like to share.

This email I will send the "3 spheres in a triangular formation" video in slow motion. This happened over Phoenix the other day. The white spheres stayed equidistant the whole sighting and the formation was tumbling against the wind. The object also went against the clouds which makes this that much more interesting. And the fact that the 3 white UFOs never moved away from or towards one another keeping a perfect triangle the whole time.

When the object tumbles and faces another direction it looks like 2 spheres or even 1 but in all reality the 3 spheres always maintain an equidistant position. The object was extremely high. Too high to be balloons unless they were very, very big and/or connected by a solid object which forms the triangle shape.

Try pausing the video to see my point. Unless the object is facing you from a side view it is obvious that this is a triangular craft or 3 objects in formation never varying their position to one another. Reminds me of some sightings out of Mexico and Brazil. How can balloons stay in a formation like that? Balloons fight for position if they were held together by a string. Push and pull effect. That's not happening here. Cool stuff.

I will send a slow motion version. Sighting lasted about 2 minutes.

All the best,

Rich Giordano


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