Phone Call from an Alien
UFO I recently was sent a link to a great article on the Net. Written by Preston Dennett, Phone Call from an Alien is a superb piece of writing and wealth of information. Below are just a few of the case files mentioned in the article.

Jack Sarfatti, quantum physicist, began receiving phone calls from a mechanical -like voice that promised to instruct him in 1952. He feels that what was told to him was highly influential in his successful career.

In 1977, well known abductee Betty Andreasson also began receiving phone calls from aliens. While talking to her future husband and abductee Bob Luca, they were interrupted by a third party breaking into their conversation. Andreasson described the calls as a "strange language, " although she could understand what they were saying. The call also sounded like musical tones. She was abducted that very evening. She was warned of a upcoming tragedy. Only two days later, two of her children were killed in an accident.

Abductee Debbie Jordan, aka Kathie Davis, began receiving strange calls in 1980. She was pregnant at the time, and during the entire duration of her pregnancy, noise-like sounds mixed with a groaning voice came every Wednesday until she gave birth to a healthy boy, until the age of 3, when he developed a strange speech problem. Doctors could not help him. Finally, it seems, he grew out of it, but his speech was like the strange calls.

Probably the most famous of all contactees was Switzerland's Eduard Billy Meier, whose researchers were involved in strange phone calls, allegedly from the Pleiadians. Brit and Lee Elders, along with Wendelle Stevens would be witnesses to the odd occurrences. These few examples of phone calls from aliens are only the beginning in Dennett's article. Check out this great article, and see the whole story.

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