Unknown Objects Photographed over Piestewa Peak
UFO Editor's Note: After seeing a photograph from the UFO Casebook that was featured on Coast to Coast AM, a gentleman send me the following message:

I enjoyed your photo on CoasttoCoastam. I submitted a photo last July 4th while hiking at the Phoenix Mountain Preserves. Look at the almost translucent craft at the top of the page. The 2nd object is just left of the tallest 'peak'. I didn't see either craft when I took the photo.

Also, I saw this submission on your web page. The similarities of that craft are the same from D. Davis:

Piestewa Peak Objects

July 04, 2005, 6:17:48 AM. Here is a picture I took this morning. The peak in the Phoenix Mountain Preserves was named for Lori Piestewa who was killed in action and she is the first Native American woman killed in combat. Her friend Jessica Lynch was rescued. I didn't notice anything until I uploaded the photos.


First picture: Full shot

2nd picture: Curved swept-wing translucent object

3rd picture: A 'negative image' of the 2nd object.

A big thanks to Al for sending us the information on his photograph.

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