Pilot's UFO Report Released after 16 Years

UFO By Alice Gu 2007-7-24

"It's moving very fast to the northeast, spraying fire-like gas and transforming into two objects, a ball and a cube."

It's not a line from a sci-fi movie, but from a tape recording of a conversation between a ground dispatcher and a passenger plane pilot who allegedly chased an unidentified flying object 16 years ago above Shanghai.

The tape, the only known in-flight voice recording of a UFO sighting in China, was released to the public for the first time during a UFO seminar held on Saturday in Shanghai, Beijing Legal Times reported today.

The recording has been kept by Wu Jialu, former senior engineer with the Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute. He said equipment needed to analyze the report wasn't available until now.

"The 26-minute-long tape recording on March 18, 1991, included the pilot detecting the object, following it and eventually, he watched it disappear," said Wu, now director general with a city's UFO research center.

Wu played the taped conversation to the newspaper. The following is a transcript of the conversation.

Airport dispatcher (A): 3603, what did you see?

3603: I took off, flying about seven sea miles (13 kilometers) at the Course 28 degrees. I found an unidentified flying object right at my front. It was three meters to five meters in length. It's red and it looks like it is spraying fire. It's flying to the northeast. I turned slightly to the north and the object was farther and farther from my plane. It's moving fast and suddenly it turned around.

I flew about 20 sea miles (37 kilometers). It is moving southeast. It's flying lower and lower. I turned a little to the west. It turned around suddenly to the north again. It turned black.

It separated into two, one ball on the upper side and one cube below it. The two objects flew northeast for a while and then they turned to the northwest. They climbed up and disappeared. They came out, and disappeared again.

A: I got it.

A: When did you last see the object?

3603: About 6:26pm at 10 sea miles (18 kilometers) from Wuxi City.

A: Well, what's its location then?

3603: It was right in front of me.

A: 3603, can you estimate its speed?

3603: Its speed, um, the maximum speed It's difficult to say. It's about 600 kilometers per hour to 700 kilometers per hour. I felt like it's flying at the speed of big planes.

Cui Yilin, a reporter with Shanghai-based Xinmin Evening News, told Beijing Legal Times that he received hundreds of calls from local residents on March 19, 1991, saying they saw a "red fire ball" over Shanghai the previous day.

"There were calls from Wusong, Xinzhuang and Bund areas. But the one that really got my attention was from Hongqiao Airport," Cui said.

Jin Xin, an on-duty dispatcher at the navigation tower of Hongqiao Airport on March 18, 1991, told Cui that he saw the flying object, which was engulfed by red light.

"I immediately asked a pilot that was about to take off to follow the object," Jin told the newspaper.

Jin gave a tape of the recorded conversation with the pilot to Wu after the incident.

Jin said pilot 3603 was Zhu Zhaoyuan, who flew for Jinan Airlines, which has since been taken over by China Eastern Airlines.

"He was piloting a small passenger plane when he chased the object," Jin said. Zhu was middle-aged and an experienced pilot, Jin added. Zhu could not be reached for comment, said the report.

Liu Yan, a researcher at Purple Mountain Observatory under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told the newspaper that more than 90 percent of UFO reports were false.

"People are easily misled by the reflection of light emitted by planes and believe they see UFO," said Liu.

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