Six UFOs Photographed in Clouds over Pleasanton
June 13, 2007 7:14 PM-Date: 2007-06-05, 5:10PM-My friends did not believe I had spotted UFOs on Sunday over my house. They came over to my house today and we observed the skies for a few hours. At around 3:50 pm we noticed 6 large discs in the sky about 2 or 3 miles in the air. They were astounded to say the least. I had my camera ready and took six images of the discs before they flew over the horizon.

These 6 discs did not look similar to the ones I took On Sunday. They appeared to be smaller but I cannot be sure. They made no noise and flew changing positions never staying in the same air pattern.

My friends just stared at them as I did. They are still talking about it and are very excited.

I believe there is something going on in Pleasanton. It is very chilling to see these discs in the skies over Pleasanton. We watched the skies for several hours. I am still excited to see these discs today.

Location: Pleasanton

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