Unknown Object Photographed over Plymouth, Michigan
UFO Driving home after having been to a circus in the town of Plymouth Michigan. I was crossing a RR track near my home while looking to be sure the tracks were clear I noticed it to my right hovering above the tracks in the distance. I decided to see what it was so I drove towards it hoping to get a better look at it, while calling my sister to tell her what I was seeing. I had taken my camera with me to the circus, so I grabbed it and started taking pictures, the sky was very dark and I at first couldnít get it to show up (although the object itself was illuminated).

I stopped in a parking lot where I had a clear view, there were no sounds coming from it at all. I continued to take pictures while talking to my sister, I looked at my camera to try and change the settings and when I looked back it was moving away from where I had been watching it. I got in my truck and started following it. As I was driving down Plymouth Rd. I keep wondering why no one else was stopping to see it. I was very alarmed yet curious and somewhat scared at what I was seeing.

As I came around a bend in the road I saw airplanes, approx 4-5 and also a helicopter. I noticed that it had stopped again and was hovering just above the treetops. I couldnít get over the enormous size of it. It appeared to be at least the size of a house. All the while I was taking pictures, hoping to get at least one good picture, while talking to my sister who I had put on speakerphone. Then I heard the helicopter and I look to my right to see it, when I looked back to my left where the object had been hovering, it was no longer there.

I was very nervous and excited the entire time. I gave my sister a play-by-play as the events unfolded. She kept asking me exactly where I was just in case something were to happen. The object appeared to be translucent and very very bright. The entire thing lasted about ten minutes, although it seemed a lot longer. I watched the local news that night and checked the newspapers and was very shocked to see no mention of it. I canít believe that I was the only who saw this.

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