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Landed UFO Photographed on Guadalajara-Morelia KM 275 Highway?
UFO I hope you are well and healthy. I write to you to send you some photographs that a friend told me he wanted to appear on your WEB site.

The event occured on 07/20/2006 in the afternoon on the highway Guadalajara-Morelia KM 275.

The name of the person is Octavio Gilberto Pacheco.

He told me he was driving and suddenly he saw something that was a shiny and metallic object near to the ground. He was only able to take three photos, that I send to you.

Pacheco was driving alone at the time, heading from Guadalajara to Mexico City Highway.


Ing.Oscar Franco

A big thanks to Oscar for sending us the report and photographs

Editor's Note: The photographs on this page were sent to me by a reliable source. However, I do not know what the object on the ground is, neither did the photographer.

There could be other explanations for the object's identity other than a UFO. The photographs are untouched; or "as is." They have not been manipulated in any way. B J Booth


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