Surveillance Camera Captures Unknown, Glowing Object in Pennsylvania
UFO Hey, hows it going? I've got a mysterious something caught in the sky on my surveillance camera from early this morning. (6 AM) It appeared in the North-West sky. I live in the Poconos of Pennsylvania.

The thing that struck me the most is how the thing barely moved in 5 minutes. (as indicated with the time on the video) And then it just dissapeared. My surveillance only records when motion is detected.

The light passing through quickly on the ground afterwards was a car. It's the thing in the sky I don't understand and never saw before.

Any of your expertise would be appreciated


A big thanks to Martin for sending in his video and report. I have left the original video, then edited it for 50% speed, and then 25% speed. If anyone has any comments, please send them in.

Note: Object in question is located in upper left quadrant. See image above for location.

Download Video File, Poconos, PA

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