Disc-UFO with Two Beams Photographed over Poland, 02-18-06


Location: Przemysl, Woj.Podkarpackie, POLAND-Date: 18/02/06-Time: 10:20 a.m.

Presented photos were taken by Mrs. Jadwiga ¯muda [read: Jadvigha Zshmouda] from Przemysl [read: Pshemyshl] on 18th February 2006. The photos were taken with a digital camera from a balcony of her flat. The witness didn't see the objects and she is shocked by a fact that they were so close to her.

A fragment of the witness' relation:

"On photos taken by me on 18th February 2006, at around 10:20 I noticed something rather odd. I took these photos from a balcony of my flat with my digital camera because the weather was good and clear. I must add that I'm a rationalist and to be honest - I don't believe in any UFOs and similar stuff. But the thing I saw on the photo surprised me. Moreover, I wasn't able to observe it taking these photos. The "things" are visible only on a screen of a computer and on printed photos. They look like UFOs. But maybe I'm wrong and it was only a mistake of my camera or some dirt on a lens. I'm not able to believe in a fact that it was UFO in fact and especially that it appeared over a nearby block [located] on our estate. On one photos the object as if hovers over the roof of a block. But on the second photo a vertical object is seen on the sky background. I took the photos with KODAK CX7430 ZOOM DIGITAL CAMERA."

"According to further photographic experiments it turned out that the photo from Przemysl was only a drop of water photographed under specific conditions. The two bottom parts are just a traces of sun reflecting in the rain-drop."

Thanks to: Mrs. Jadwiga Zmuda from Przemysl


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source and references:

Source: NPN POLAND: www.npn.ehost.pl, 05/02/06

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