UFO Sighting Reported in Poland, May 27/28, 2006

" These were spheres arranged in the perfect circle" - we are introducing the relation concerning observation to the UFO by Paonsk. Everything began with late-night around 27 on 28 May.

It is newest observation UFO which reached to the deck NAUTILUS-a into Sunday 28 of May of 2006, and which concerned events from before a few hours. She seemed for us on the rear interesting that we had decided to go in place. About the demonstration a brother of the witness notified us the UFO. The entire family asked us for remaining anonymous being afraid of a reaction of neighbours. We are so also making. It is a fragment of the mail which Mr Lukasz sent to us:

Place of observation

„... round about the 00.40 hr my brother rang me up. I am saying the halo and from the flip side I can hear the terrified voice of my brother which he/she is saying "I had to ring you up, you understand I had to...., (...), I can see ufo". This way less more our conversation began. (...) So I am asking whether you are sober and he with sorrow in the voice is saying that he knew that nobody into it will believe it that at the beginning alone he thought that he had of predicting and ran home he woke his wife up and she now is with it. He is handing the receiver her I can hear the voice (...), without hesitation he is confirming what it said, for a dozen or so minutes they could see something on field behind their house, two compound circles from smaller shining spheres. One about the diameter 20 metres can and second near bigger about the diameter 2-3 metres can. He is resulting from the relation of my brother that he could hear nothing (...) dogs loud bayed and these objects appeared and they disappeared. I will still say around these objects vanished from their sight in the moment how we started talking to sob¹...”

In-house we saw Mr £ukasz as well as his brother Flat which was a witness of observation. The flat is living together with the wife and the child in the small village at home of one's parents. At the moment he is building a home of one's own. Since there are quite a lot of materials on the building site and of the equipment which can interest thieves, the Flat every a few hours is checking whether everything on the site is in due order. Thanks to that he noticed the one unusual obiekt.

At night around 27 on 28 May this year about alarmed 0.30 hours of it barking of dogs. So he went to construction (several dozen metres from the place where at present is living), but noticed nothing worrying there.

He wanted already to go back but for a moment he still turned in the direction of the built house. Several dozen metres from it, above nearby trees surrounding the meadow, at 20-25 m level an object hung. Milk-white spheres, in the amount of about twenty pieces formed the shape of the circle in the sky which the diameter amounted about 20 metres. The ace under the big circle was still one, considerably smaller, also consisting of spheres. The diameter of the isolated sphere was determined on the about 30-40 cm. The object hung for a few minutes. No sound was heard.

You observed M. it is a phenomenon of about 4-5 minutes and when he is underlining, he felt no fear. He distrusted what he could see and he was sure that nobody will believe him. He ran home to the flat and woke the wife up. Together they continued observation. The object at that time moved for about 100 metres and he stopped above the tall tree. According to words of the witness, the object once has been visible and the time faded out as if he played with observers. In the end he decided to ring the Flat up to one's brother (which later informed us of the entire event). He held the phone into hands and he started dialling a number. Right after beginning the phone call, the object disappeared, “ as if somebody wy³¹czy³” light;.

Both dogs bayed and they ran toward bogs

Strange two dogs were preserved. After how the object disappeared, with great baying they rushed toward bogs trailing behind buildings.

During our visit on the place of the event we tried to find some tracks of the influence of the object to the environment but we noticed nothing interesting. For the first time in the life he met with the flat with the unknown flying object. In the route of the conversation with us he said the similar event had taken place some 20 years ago. Then similar (if not the same object) in these surroundings a father observed it.

In the end we are introducing the fragment of the conversation which we underwent with the witness to you:



- Am I asking you, as it everything began?

- Somewhere twelfth, twentieth hour fourth thirtieth he can a bit later, dogs started barking, yeah and I went out from parents, I left to see or nothing here at it allotment is happening because we are building and different appliances are standing. Dogs will bark, mówie - perhaps somebody is squirming, I reached the building here and I saw that everything was OK. I started going back, I got around the building, I got around here into the box, to the wooden doorway and in this moment having looked into the left hand I saw the object which clubbed together from such spheres okr¹g³yc... I know, about the diameter 30 centimetres can, he can bigger, and these spheres formed such an one big circle.

- Perhaps let us come so that which place you demonstrate in?

- Tto was from this shed, from the fence it was somewhere about 40 metres. Ttak¿e I very well could see, I stood, I stared at it 5 good minutes, but mówie - perhaps I am sleepy, whether something, I went home for the wife because perhaps for me he seems... We left with the wife ahead of the house, she left in the duvet, she wrapped herself up and he is looking and there is a doorway there behind this big building and this object was from us,I know, 30 around metres. To it I tricked Jja and he this way appeared and he hid that we had observed it about 2 – of 3 minutes both how I held the phone and I started ringing the brother up, it ended, after the entire matter it was!

- But it simply disappeared whether it simply put away behind trees?

- It simply disappeared as if he switched the light off.

( the witness is going to the – box; conversation by the shed by the doorway)

- Mówie, I could see it through good 5 minutes, not 2, 5 seconds, only a few good minutes I stood here and I observed! Here I stood up and literally so 30, 40 metres from me at 25 metres level were it is a wheel. Ii it this way hid, it showed and behind nim…

- But it hid behind trees?

- No, it is a very strange phenomenon because I am not able to explain it because this way it hid, it died down and it appeared with return. Strong light, expressive, behind it something such small was still big dwumetrowego, but it I don't know whether he has some meaning. Stand here good 4 – 5 minutes before I went to the wife. After all I had time to see it, I went home, I asked the wife, we left to stairs and it was apparently far, as those trees and it the wife still with me observed around 3 minutes before we rang the brother up, personally I thought that I had hallucinations some, so I took therefore wife so that sees whether for me he doesn't simply seem. And whatever it was and as it to name this phenomenon it is hard for me to say it.

- Whether we can in place of climbs where did it hang?

- This way, of course - That is are we on the place above which it hung?

- This way, this way... somewhere above us, 20 – metres; 25, and I stood in this place (the witness is pointing the place out by the doorway) and what's more I observed everything, around five minutes. Perhaps I exaggerated... but around 3 – 4 minutes, it certainly!

- Do describe lightings whether they changed the colour?

- No, these were spheres. Sizes I don't know, of such a milk colour and they into the whole lay down, into the big round lump. Indoors it was empty, outside it was empty and it this way hid, a bit sinistrad, a bit into law and it it lasted... not a gust... around 3 – 4 minutes until I didn't go for the wife so that she saw it.

- But it hid in a strange fashion because there were no clouds?

- There was no nothing. It died down and he caught fire, I am not able to determine it, for me in the life nothing important never happened.

- When you think, could it touch down somewhere here? - I don't know. All over it for all when I went home, our dogs fell that way... terribly bayed, but I talking frankly I didn't go there because I didn't want to risk

- Which way?

- There somewhere above water! (the witness pointed out surroundings of the land filled with water which called the bog)

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text by Małgorzata or Zoltowska

photos and graphic :Lukasz Bartecki

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