POLAND: Bedroom visitation [2003]

A certain girl from Poland tells about encounter with a hooded, 4 feet tall being with protruding fingers and grayish skin. Missing time was also noted.

She wrote: "I'm observing work of your group [NPN] since the beginning. Once I read about an encounter of a 12 - year - old boy from Southern Poland from 1992 ["ENCOUTNER WITH A BLACK ENTITY" by P.Cielebiaœ - NOL]. The first thing I noticed almost paralyzed me - I mean the image taken by the witness. I wondered for a while that someone recount my own story. It occurred 3 years ago."

We will try to get more information from the witness. Anyway she is very worried about a "missing time" experience but now we aren't able to say exactly what happened during that night in her room. Due to a fact that she live in a small village and she could be identified immediately she hasn't revealed her name and place of residence now. On the pictures taken by the witness we can see a strange being with that protruding fingers that look as twigs holding by it.

The witness' relation:

"At the moment I'm not able to give an exact date but surely it occurred between the beginning of the 2003 summer vacation and 9th July 2003. I live in a two-stored house with my parents and my sister. We went to bed at that night. I don't remember exactly but it wasn't late.

My parents and my younger sister have their rooms on the first store and I sleep one on the second one. Before going to bed I was watching TV with them and then as usually I went to my room.

I could remember that I couldn't fall asleep. It was unusually stuffy and it was probably preventing me from sleep. After a while I began shaking strangely. I said strangely because I didn't shake but the bed did! Anyway I didn't pay much attention to that fact because I was stunned with that unbearable stuffiness.

Trying to fell asleep I was lying with my face turned toward the room. I live in a village and there are no streetlights. Neighbors also live far away from our house. So I was deeply amazed when I noticed some light on my quilt. It was a strange light unlike the glow of the light bulb. I'm not able to recall that color but it wasn't the only one strange thing - also its shape was odd, it was a beam that reached the end of my bed.

The door of my room must be opened to let the light flow inside but I locked it. I didn't notice that they're opened and there are no holes or gaps in the door. I thought about similar explanation at that exact moment and then I turned and looked at the door. It turned out that I wasn't alone. I saw some figure standing next to the closed door. The room suddenly became brighter so I could regard it. Only its silhouette was bright ant the rest of the room was enveloped with darkness. Unfortunately I haven't got a lamp near my bed and a switch is on the wall next to the door. I didn't get up.

I was lying and looking at the being. It was quite small - as I then estimated it was about 1.3 m. I also noticed that it was broad and hunchbacked. It also had a some kind of a long cloak and a hood on its head. Something resembling fingers - strange fingers - stuck out from its sides. They [fingers] were long and protruding. I couldn't noticed any additional details because it was dark. Anyway I could regard some details due to the creature's luminosity and a background.

At first I thought that it was my mum. Of course it was strange for me that the person remained silent. So I asked: "Who you are and what do you want?" I received no answer and still I was lying in my bed. I felt confused but I wasn't afraid. After a while I asked again, the entity didn't respond but began floating toward me. I think that this word exactly describes the way of its move. But it was also strange that despite of the fact that it had a cloak I couldn't hear any sound. It is known that in the dark human's hearing becomes better but I was surrounded with a total silence.

So when the creature floated toward me and stopped next to an edge of my bed I grasped a pillow and wave it in that way that it should hit the creature. It should but it didn't happen. It was really strange. The being was standing next to me. I stretched my arm made with that pillow a circle around me. I could recall that the abdomen of the being disappeared in a plain sight and after a fraction of a second it was standing a little away. After a while it approached again. At this time it leaned over me. I don't know why but I could remember that it had huge eye holes - I didn't see its eyes but only dark, huge eye holes. Its lips were wide open. The being's skin was gray. It had a hood, rather black in color as well as its entire cloak. Its head was quite big in comparison to the rest of the body and it had a high forehead. I couldn't recall its ears.

And here is a thing worrying me: I remember it leaning over me. Then "the tape" [of my mind] is slowed down and some elements are absent. I only know that the being began floating away in the corner of my room. I sat on my bed and fear enveloped me. I was sitting there for a while and then rushed toward the light in order to demystify that visitor. I looked at the place when the entity hid and then I looked around the room. I didn't find anyone. It disappeared in that way as its abdomen did before.

Terrified I opened the door and descended the stairs directing through a corridor to my parents' room. Shaking I sat in an armchair. I looked at a clock - it was about 00:40. I didn't want to woke them up contemplating upon the thing that had happened. I looked for a rational explanation but I was fully conscious and it wasn't a mere illusion! I heard then mum's voice asking what had happened. I recounted her the whole story but I know that she doesn't believe me. She rather took it for a dream."

source and references:

NPN - www.npn.ehost.pl, 24/03/06

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