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A sighting of a strange object took place on 9th October, 2005 in a village called Kochcice, 4 km Noth from Lubliniec and 30 km away from Czestochowa [located in woj.slaskie], a city known from world famous monastery and a center of Mary cult - Jasna Gora.

It must be said that soon we'll soon provide more information and now we are trying to localize and contact with other possible witnesses of that event. The witness preferred to be anonymous.


"So I went on that day [Sunday, 9th Oct., 2005] to pick some mushrooms, at about 3 p.m. In my way back I was crossing extraction terrains of a local gravel pit out of which sand and gravel are still extracted. It was about 6:30 p.m. and the Sun went down [the sky was cloudless and clear]. I looked at the sky and about 15 - 20 m. over me I saw a strange, rectangular and black object heading in the northwestern direction. At first I thought that it was a kind of a kite or something like it but its speed and way of moving excluded that possibility. The way of the object was straight. Speed of the object at first seemed to be low but when it disappeared over the forest I realized that it must be much more quicker than I previously thought. I was about 3 km away from the forest and it needed around 1 minute to fly over that distance, so it's speed must be equal to 180 km/h [assuming that the distance = 3 km and time = 1 min.]. It seemed to me that the object wasn't high in the air, being about 15 - 20 m. over my head but that UFO was flying over energetically poles and trees and in reality it might be at much higher than it seemed to me at first."

The object:

"It was a black rectangle [a perfectly black body, without any tints or other colors]. It wasn't big - we may assume that it was in a size of a top of a desk, about 1 x 0.5 m. But the size may be different, because I estimated attitude as 15 - 20 m. over the ground but if it was higher, it may be much bigger. Anyway, I think that it wasn't too big. The object was moving soundlessly, without emitting any smoke or sound. It was heading straight ahead in the northwestern direction. It was flying over uninhabited area [meadows, woods and gravel pit machinery]. It was also moving in a strange, swinging manner what is shown in the animation. (…) It seems that the object was observed also by two other witnesses - a certain man fishing in a gravel-pit pond and a porter. I'm not sure whether the porter saw it but I know that the fisherman looked at the sky in time when the object was flying over."

The Witness' Explanations:

The man believes that he witnessed something like an independent flying measuring unit, some kind of surveying machine powered by the magnetic field of the planet. As he emphasized another very interesting fact was that the object was directed northwards [parallel with meridians] and frequency of shakes was growing along with its' speed. The observer suspects that frequency of swinging and an angle of it had an influence on its speed. The witness also wondered about the perfectly black color of the object due to which the object's thickness cannot be estimated.

Further investigations will be soon performed by JTU/NPN.

Note: Regarding the animation: POLNOC = NORTH, POLUDNIE = SOUTH.

An animation [made by the witness] presenting the movement of the object.

source and references:

Source:, 27/02/06 by: NOL - Polish Ufological Journal, 28/02/06

[translation by: Piotr Cielebias, JTU/NPN -]




by P.Cielebiaœ

Mr Monika's story seems to be an unique case. We probably deal here with postabductional mode of contact in a form of visits and other phenomena involving also various sounds and visions. The woman probably [according to my opinion] got in contact with ET beings a long time ago, in her childhood, but as it turned out the case is still going on and sighting of a strange hologram of Gray - type alien may be a proof of it. Moreover, she could recall many unbelievable sightings, messages, sounds and visions. What is also curious - her family members also might witnesses the events and her little son may be also involved in a some kind of contact. Anyway the woman is lost and not able to explain all the phenomena.

We may notice in her stories some typical signs of contact wit ET: fears, various habits, sounds and strange memories. It also turned out that the beings are still guarding Mrs. Monika but more information and conclusions will be provided when the case will be precisely investigated.


We present a relation of Monika B. from Szczecinek who during his life experienced many strange things. Her story prompted us to publish some of her the most extraordinary experiences. "I was 4 or 5-year-old. At that night I was afraid of sleeping alone, so my mum was sleeping with me. I was lying on my bed having mum on my back and the wall just before my face.

Suddenly I felt that someone pulled my ear and I woke up. I thought that mum did it by accident so I looked at her. It turned out that she couldn't do it because she turned her back to me. I lay again and suddenly I felt that someone is pulling my ear one more time. I looked around but I saw nobody. The door to my room was slightly opened. I thought about my dad but anyway he couldn't be responsible for it because he was asleep and I could hear his snoring. I wanted to wake up my mom but she was in sleeping very hard.

I was terrified by that situation and I lay again covering my ear with a quilt in order to prevent the further attacks. And I still today sleep with one ear under the quilt. Nobody believes in my story. All of them say that it was only my childish imagination and that I dreamed about something. But it is a true experience? My parents never tried to frighten me with some phantoms, ghosts and devils.

For me the situation was real. I remember every detail of it. Since the occurrence I'm afraid of nights. Sometimes I have a feeling that something is waiting at my side when I fall asleep, as if waiting for my dream. Moreover I often heard some squeaks in my ear. It doesn't resemble a sounds experienced for example during a high rising up in an elevator. It is a squeak with some delicate vibrations causing pain of the entire left hemisphere of my head. Every squeak resembles me that night and I wondered if it is connected with that occurrence."


"The incident took place about 2 years ago. I was in my job working on computer and entering in data. I was very engaged in my work and suddenly I saw a UFO craft hovered over some clearing surrounded with trees. It was a classical saucer, gray and metallic. Sunrays were reflecting in its hull. It was just a moment, a second. I didn't know what to think about it. How did the vision appear? I didn't think about UFO. I was never interested in it, maybe not to much interested to think about it and moreover, being in work."


Another interesting thing occurred almost a year ago, in August 2005. "My 7.5 - year - old son came to me and asked if he could lay with me in bed. Of course I agreed. We were about to get into bed when he suddenly remarked: "Mommy! Look at the wall behind the window. What a green color. It looks like a skull". I looked at that wall and indeed a skull was visible in the center of greenish background. We went do bed. Turning my head he asked me not to look in that direction but my curiosity prevailed. I peered at that wall and I noticed that the skull began transforming into an image of "Gray" [alien] known from many descriptions. I was afraid - it almost paralyzed me. I want to approach the window and look at it from closer distance but either fear or something other prevented me from getting up. I was completely "turned off". I wasn't able to move. The occurrence was indeed strange and horrifying."

"But after a week I reminded that two weeks before the sightings my son Krzys won [in a lottery] a pendant in a form of skull and a week after it he found in a packet of snacks a tattoo depicting [personified] death with scythe that he off course [as children usually do] paste to his left collarbone. I realized that it wasn't an ordinary chance. I was afraid of one thing: my son's death. But fortunately nothing happened. Anyway, I know that it might be a harbinger of some future events."

Further investigation will be soon performed by NPN ORG.

source and references:, 24/02/06

by: NOL - Polish Ufological Journal, 25/02/06

[translation: Piotr Cielebiaœ, JTU/NPN]


[06/07/05]The presented photo was taken on 6th July 2005 [about 04:43 pm] over Lopuszno in Wojewodztwo Swietokrzyskie by the sender's [Szymon Maciejewski] uncle with his digital camera [model unknown].

Part of Szymon Maciejewski's relation:

"For a quite long time I'm looking for an answer on my question that appears when I'm looking at this photo. It was taken in 2005 by my uncle with his digital camera. For some months nobody didn't noticed anything strange on it. But after magnifying the photo it turned out that "something" is visible on it. I also send it to "Nie Do Wiary" and another one UFO related page. But I received no response. Maybe it was caused by a fact that I put a note of copyrights? I don't know. I was surprised a little by their reaction but I hope that you will act in a different way. I've got some hope because I don't like to be disregarded."

"It was taken over Lopuszno [read: "Uopushno" or "Wopushno" - PC] located in woj. Swietokrzyskie [35 from Kielce toward Czestochowa]. I don't know the precise details of this occurrence. Uncle simply wanted to take a photo of place where he spent his childhood. I can send some other photos for comparison. I must also emphasize that the aforementioned photographer isn't a connoisseur of art so the photo is somewhat darkened. The object was found by me accidentally."

Moreover, Mr. Szymon also witnessed several manifestations of other unknown object. Here is one relation: "I saw something unidentified three times and in 2 instances I observed a similar one object [to that one on the photo]. It looked like a glowing coal surrounded with a blue halo [I had a monocular so I examined the object well]. Once I saw that "thing" hovering over a bakery. It was floating motionless for several minutes and then it slowly moved toward Kielce.

Then my father saw the same object hovering over our neighbor's farm buildings. It looked almost identically. I saw another one object of the same shape for the third time in the middle of summer, but it was metallic and wasn't surrounded with mist. It was floating on a very high attitude and then flew away. My sister and her mate also witnessed it. We also took a monocular with us. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to took any pictures of those objects."

Special thanks to: Szymon Maciejewski

source and references:, 26/02/06

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