A Close Encounter with Alien Beings - Eyewitness Account

Aliens On November 10, 2005, at approximately 3:00 am, my daughter and I heard a weird humming sound like a hurricane wind going by my house in Aguada, Puerto Rico (a U.S. territory). The sound was so strange that it penetrated our ears. When my daughter and I looked outside, we observed what appeared to be a disc-shaped object moving westward towards the rear of the house where an enormous rainforest and a huge antenna are located and which leads all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

The disc was silver in color with a row of windows around it and had a greenish haze or aura covering the craft. All the windows appeared to be a darker greenish color. After that, my daughter and I heard the same sound at least twice a week. My daughter and I used to go to sleep at 3:00 am watching (Novelas) Spanish soap operas. Almost exactly a year ago, on Friday, April 28, 2006, at approximately 3:00 am, I heard again the same sound going by my house. At about 10 or 15 minutes later I heard my dog (Dora) barking continuously in my back yard. When I went to investigate by turning on the back yard light (the light in the house was off) and by looking through my dining room window, I observed my dog laying on her back with her 4 legs up apparently unconscious. The dog was chained to a metal pole next to the back fence which separates my property with the rainforest in the back.

I called her name, "Dora, Dora, what's wrong Dora?"

When I lifted my eyes and looked at the back fence, which is about 25 feet from where I was standing, I observed two creatures (extraterrestrials) standing close to and behind the chain-link fence looking at me. One of the aliens was about 3 feet from the dog and the other alien was about 5 feet away from the other alien. They were about 3 and a half feet tall with a large oval head and big slanted eyes. They had pale grayish skin and a barely visible slit for a mouth and two little holes for a nose. They also had very skinny arms and they seem not to have any clothes on.

Their legs were not showing because under the fence there was a cinder-block wall about one and a half feet high. I could only see them from the waist up. The aliens were staring at me and I was staring at them. I think that they were communicating with me telepathically because they were reading my mind when I said mentally, "I'm going to wake up my husband, Nelson,"

I left the window and walked through the hallway leading to the bedrooms. On the way to wake up my husband, they detoured me to the other bedroom to wake up my daughter instead. I woke up my daughter (17 year old at the time) and both of us went to the dining room window where we observed the creatures still standing in the same place. Again, they stared at us and we stared straight into their large eyes for a while. My daughter said to me, Mommy, I'm going back to bed because I'm scared, then I won't be able to sleep."

I then followed my daughter to the bedroom because she was afraid to go by herself. Approximately 10 minutes later I returned to the dining room window, the aliens were still there in the same location. While staring straight into their big eyes, the one closest to the dog was telling me in my mind to open the door leading to the back yard. I said in my mind, "I'm not going to open the door." He demanded telepathically, "You're going to open the door." I then felt myself moving towards the door and was getting drowsy.

I don't remember what happened after that. I woke up in my bed. I asked my daughter if she had seen the same thing in case I was imagining things. She described the incident and the creatures the same way and manner I described them. We then told my husband who slept in a separate bedroom facing the back yard. he said he did hear the dog barking wildly at about 3:00am. He said that he looked out the bedroom window and saw the dog barking towards the rainforest in the back but he thought that she was barking at a cat and was so sleepy that he immediately went back to sleep. He did not look at the fence.

Please be advised that behind the back fence, where the aliens were, is an enormous rainforest that leads all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, where a huge antenna is located and is pitch black at night. What concerns me the most is that my husband informed me that he discovered the back door opened when he got up at about 8:00 in the morning, but did not know what happened. The dog did not want to eat or drink anything for days and was laying down apparently sick.

On Monday, May 1, 2006, at about 12:50 am, while sitting in the living room and while talking on the phone, I saw a bright light, like an enormous light bulb, moving through the woods (the rainforest). I informed my husband and we immediately closed all the louver windows in the kitchen and dining rooms. I became hysterical and began to cry because I thought that they were after me and my husband had to calm me down. At approximately 2:00 am, the same night, I heard the same sound again over the house. Seconds later, while laying in bed, my husband and I heard a loud crashing noise like something hitting the flat concrete roof and shook the house like if something had landed there. We were afraid, but did not call the police for fear of being ridiculed and they would not come to investigate.

I feel relieved to know that I was not the only one seeing those alien beings. My 17 year old daughter saw them too. Otherwise I, myself, would think that I was hallucinating and imagining things. Could it be possible that I did opened the back yard door and was abducted by the aliens? I don't know. My husband found the back door opened early in the morning. In addition, I have a dotted mark on my left hand which is circular and the pain diminished as time went by since April 28, 2006.

All we want is for someone (UFO/extraterrestrial investigator) that could investigate what had occurred on April 28, 2006 and May 1, 2006. We recently moved from New York City and bought this house in August 2005 when my husband retired as an Assistant Deputy Warden after working for 20 years for the New York City Department of Corrections (Riker's Island jail complex) and after having a heart attack.

I am a serious woman that doesn't like to lie. I never thought that we would go through something like that. I know that it is hard to believe what I had written. I understand that. But what my daughter and I saw and what my husband and I heard is the truth.

Now we are planning to sell the house and return to the mainland because we fear that they could come back. We have gone to several places including the Channel 5 television network here on the island and to the mayor of Aguada, but no one seems to believe our story. But now that it is almost a year since my encounter with those creatures, I am seeking someone to investigate what we saw and heard.

Maria R.

I want to thank Maria for sending in her account of a very harrowing experience.

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