Unknown Objects Photographed in Quebec, near Lac des Quinze, 06-07-06
Last June 7 2006, Marie was visiting a farm in Temiscaming, Province of Quebec, near Lac des Quinze. It was a beautiful day and she took many pictures and two videos with her numeric camera Canon Powershot A510. She did not remark anything special.

When she downloaded the pics from her camera, she realized a strange object on the following picture, (pic 0940), she took at 10:36 am.

She then decided to analyze all her pictures and videos taken that morning. She realized that another object appears in only one picture of the first video she took at 10:18 am. The camera in video mode takes 15 pictures in one second. This following object appears only on one picture, so in only 1/15 of second. It disappears after.

This sequence (above) represents 3/15 of second. Marie was turning around herself to make a 360 degree view.

On another picture (below), taken the same minute that picture 0940, we can see a little object pretty high in the sky.

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