RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, UK: F-15s And Possible UFO Encounter
UFO On Friday, January 12th 2007, London Military Air Traffic Control contacted a flight of US Air Force F-15s out of RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, UK, to intercept an unknown target they had picked up on radar at 3000 to 4000ft altitude.

The F-15s callsign Gator, went to investigate, and got a solid radar-lock on the unidentified target.

They made two passes, passed the object which was at 17,000ft on the first pass, and then 17,700ft on the second pass. They described it as black in colour, and stated that it was not a bird, and unlike any aircraft they had ever seen.

One pilot was heard to say to another: "Did you see that." and the other replied: "Yes, but I don't want to talk about it."

An audio file is being analysed by UFO Monitors East Kent, and UFO Data Magazine, from the air to air comunications by the crew of the F-15s. And UFO Data Magazine hope to have a copy of the file on their website for researchers and other interested parties to listen to.

UFO Monitors East Kent, here in Kent, England, along with UFO Data Magazine are making enquiries into the incident, and are hoping to make representations under the US and UK Freedom of Information.

If anyone feels that they can help out in anyway, please do get in contact with myself at ufomek@hotmail.co.uk

This looks like an intriguing case, especially as the incident was recorded by radio monitors here in the UK.

Chris Rolfe

UFO Monitors East Kent

Folkestone, Kent UK.

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