Sky Anomaly Photographed in Oklahoma
UFO My family and my sister and new husband (so 6 kids and 5 adults) were out at Petit Bay on Lake Tenkiller swimming. Trying to beat the heat (it was about 102 degrees). It was about 4 PM on a Saturday afternoon. There were a few summer tthunderstorms brewing in the area and as usual I was watching the sky.

(My wife and I sent you a picture last summer of a UFO she accidentally took of when shooting a sunrise. She only sent you a cropped zoom of it and I've been meaning to send you the original which gives a much better perspective.)

When I looked up and saw it I immediately pointed it out to everyone and grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. The first picture was not zoomed and then I zoomed in 3x for the other 3 pictures.

The cloud bank was moving from the left to the right and quickly covering the “blob”. In probably 45 seconds It was covered by the cloud cover.

My camera is a Kodak Easy Share 5 megapixel with a 3x zoom. All my pictures I just put on auto setting.

There were a few very high “chemtrails” being laid out about an hour earlier in the area and maybe had something to do with the anomaly. When I get home from work today I'll send you the other pics for you to look at. I'm sure you have some method of zooming in on them with software. I don't other than the easy share software that comes with the camera. My name is Keith Dunlap and I'm a Pharmacist.

Thanks for your time and I'll be sending you the other pics when I get home. By the way I love your site and tell others about it quite a bit.


Keith Dunlap Rph

A big thanks to Keith for sending in his photographs.


...the rainbow as seen at ground level is only part of a circle. It should be possible to see a full circle rainbow under very special circumstances. I am not sure how many people have seen this phenomena while on an airplane when the sun is close to the zenith. If at that time the atmosphere below is filled with rain drops, it is possible to see the major portion of the full circle rainbow. I have not seen it myself. But it is possible that some of you may have seen it or even photographed it.

Murty V. Mantravadi, Ph.D, source:

(Editor's Note: According to my information, the only way to see a circular rainbow, is to be above the rainbow. Assuming that this is true, the anomaly in the Dunlap photograph is NOT a rainbow, but a UFO. If this is not accurate, and one of our readers has more information on this, please let us know, and I will update our information accordingly.)


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