Poland: Close Encounter of The Third Kind in Oswiecim Area
UFO Rajsko [woj.Malopolskie], Spring, middle 1980’s.

An elderly woman living In the Upper Silesia region relates her strange encounter with an Extraterrestrial Being that took Place in 1980’s. The short, seemingly friendly being with greenish-gray skin and eyes resembling those of a cow, who seemed to be very confused with the encounter, disappeared shortly after with its metallic, shell-like craft.


A certain woman living the Upper Silesia region located in south-western part of Poland related her experience involving a strange close encounter with an extraterrestrial being that took place in the middle 1980’s. The tale of the woman [who preferred to remain anonymous] wasn’t reveled to anybody for nearly two decades due to her fear from becoming a laughing stock. The incident took place in Oswiecim area in Malopolskie Voiovoship.

It was a warm spring day [maybe May]. The witness along with her husband went fishing to Oswiecim – Rajsko. About 8 a.m. the witness informed her spouse that she is going to take a walk to the Sola river located about 500 m. away. She also took a small shovel promising to dig out some bugs for her husband.

The woman was heading along the riverbank. At some time she noticed horseradish and decided to dig it out [horseradish root is widely used in Polish cuisine]. Suddenly, at the final stage of her work, she noticed some shadow and looking up she saw an extraordinary being measuring about 1.4 m.

The “man” was dressed in a suit resembling tinfoil. The witness claimed that she never panics and moreover she has problems with hearing since childhood. She always initially looks at her interlocutors’ eyes since “words at first are created there and then open one’s mouth”. When she looked into the being’s eyes she noticed their resemblance to those of a cow.

She could feel that the being was a little confused with her presence but seemingly peaceful. Suddenly a gush of wind appeared and it became warm. The being raised its eyes up and when the witness turned back, she saw by the river a quite large, round and metallic craft resembling a shell in shape.

The craft – suspended in the mid-air, began slowly flowing toward the woman and being. Suddenly something opened up and an aluminum-like platform appeared. The witness stated that she wasn’t able to perceive in what way the being passed by her seeing only that it floated onto the platform that then was drawn into the object. The being’s craft disappeared within few seconds and the stunned woman noticed only a small point in the distance. She wasn’t able to find any footmarks of the being.

She decided to keep the whole incident in secret. When she returned to his husband found him very upset and worried. As it turned out it was about 11 a.m. The woman’s watch stopped at 10:45 and she thought that she had forgotten to set it in the morning. After some time she decided to go swim in the river and in her way she reminded herself that she had surely set up her watch. She took it off saying almost aloud: “You […] ET! You have broken down my watch”. Unexpectedly at that moment her watch hands moved.


As the witness stated, it was about 140 cm. Tall and was dressed in a suit made of material resembling metallic foil. It also had a pilot cap that was a part of the suit.

The being head seemed to be bigger than that of humans and its arms were longer. According to the witness relation, the being was holding a pebble in its hand [“in a large potato size”]. The woman realized that the being was very fragile. Its face was greenish-gray in color with eyes resembling those of a cow. The woman wasn’t able to notice neither the being’s lips nor nose. Its mouth was slightly opened. The witness stated that despite its odd appearance, the entity looked friendly.


The craft seemed to be aluminum-like and resembled a large shell. There was a glowing belt [about 1.5] on its hull. As the woman stated she could feel a heat wave and humming sound noticing that the craft began floating toward them. The platform that emerged out of the object remained suspended about 1 m. over the ground. The being probably floated onto it and the platform was drawn quickly back. Anyway the witness found it difficult to estimate her distance from it.

The witness stated that she recounted all the details of her astounding story, describing it with very plain language.

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