Golden Sphere Seen over Rawica, Poland
" Golden, shining enlightened sphere!" - unusual observation UFO above Rawicz. The object was of mighty sizes, got about the district.

1. The object hung motionless and then he started lightly rippling [reconstruction].

Above the town Rawicz was observed by 3-go of the June of 2006 object which astonished the witness with one's mighty sizes. You Krzysztof informed the NAUTILUS Foundation of this event and we asked him immediately for the workmanship of reconstruction of it of something what discerned suddenly in the sky. It is his relation:

"Of this day with friends with evening about we decided to go to the 21.00 hour to the certain place in our city. We reached there about 21.15, we sat and we talked to different topics. Suddenly about I scooped the 21.40 hour up willingnesses to consuming something sweet, so I asked one of my friends whether he is going home because I can to see it off to the piece, and I will stop by on the way to the shop. He answered that he could go, so we touched, I in the direction of the shop, and it home. When passed about after how we had set off on the road I looked at minutes to the sky toward the shining star talking impulsively - watch the UFO perhaps - but friend nothing didn't answer.

They passed 2 next minutes, we reached the intersection. I am asking the friend whether he is turning with me and he said that he/she would go straight. I surprised sie because skrecając had in order to closer the way home! So I said goodbye sie with it and far I marched off alone to the shop. A next minute passed, I was already close the shop - straight short road. Suddenly I noticed the golden large shining sphere of the light directly opposite me in the sky! It is hard to determine the size of the sphere because I cannot exactly define how far in the sky this object was found. Only what I can state as for his size, it as if to move the straight hand into the side niebia and to move one's pointing finger and the thumb parallel to oneself in odległośći 1 cm - it then will be received magnitude of this object in the sky.

At the beginning observing this object and at the same time going I thought that so he was moving I stopped in order to be sure that it is moving. Asthen this object was shown hung motionless in the air! After a bit I noticed, like with the slow liquid move started rippling in situ - it lightly into mountain, it lightly into the side, etc. He rippled around ten seconds this way perhaps and then he started making the small circle slowly. When he finished him off, a sudden move made panes into the side. In the time, when this movement from the large golden sphere made he made his volume smaller this way that I had lost sight of this object! It looked out this way how he would huddle and he evaporated! Moment I still stood and I observed this place, I thought that he would still appear.

During observation she ruled strange not to describing atmosphere not only around me (although I could see nobody). I mean unusual emotion, difficult to describe - I had such a concentration. Now how I am thinking about what I could see then I am emotional.

2. The object did slowly full circle [reconstruction].

3. Next with fast move into the side, making his volume smaller disappeared [reconstruction].


Text: Sebastian Marczak

Translation by Tomek

source and references:

NAUTILUS foundation

Archived UFO Articles and News Items, 2006

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