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Reader Comments on 2006 Texas Photograph

I would like to add a few comments on Deb Newmanís sighting of an aircraft-type object flying towards a bright light over Texas in June 2006:

A similar object has since been seen in South Africa (the witness wishes to remain anonymous, and would not like to reveal his location):

First a large, matt greyish black, disk-shaped object became visible above the horizon around sunset, that suddenly showed a ring of lights around its lower portion with one very bright orangey light along its circumference defining an opening of some sorts.

Shortly thereafter a winged object (similar to that in the Texas photograph) flew into the opening at high speed (noiselessly), stopping very abruptly, after which it looked like the craft was stowed in a berth inside the disk (an arm-like mechanism was briefly visible). The port then closed (the bright light cut off), and the disk tilted slightly onto its side and left at very high speed without making any sound or sonic boom.

Intrigued, I happened to find Debís photograph on the Internet-under your best photos of 2006 about a week after been told of the sighting, and forwarded it to the observer. He then sent it to a friend of his (not known to me) who used to be a military photo-analyst, who came to the following conclusions after torturing the image with suitable computer software (very preliminary results):

The winged object is approximately 39 m long and 27 m wide (i.e.: slightly longer than a McDonnell-Douglas DC-9 jetliner), with wings that curve downwards near the edges.

Behind the winged object is a poorly-defined, disk-shaped object (including the dark line visible above the bright light) approximately 950 m in diameter, 187 m high at the centre, with the edge approximately 56 m thick.

The port visible on the photograph (the bright light in front of the winged object) is approximately 24 m high.

I have personally seen the large disk-shaped object once before (May 1992 over Pretoria, South Africa), and had the distinct impression that it is really big.

I was at an air show in the southwestern suburbs of Pretoria at the time. Two Aermacchi MB-326M aircraft of the SAAF (known locally as the Impala Mk I, now retired from service) were demonstrating their ground attack capabilities, with one aircraft exiting the area in a zoom climb towards the north, while the other was circling behind the crowd (to the south) to gain height.

I at first had the impression that one of the elliptical fuel tanks carried on the wingtips of the rapidly climbing aircraft had detached from the wing, but as the aircraft banked to the left it became clear that there was a dark grey (non-reflecting), disk-shaped object floating well behind the aircraft. The object seemed to be located over the northern suburbs of Pretoria (although it was difficult to accurately judge its precise distance from me).

The object then rolled onto its side to become a circular shape about the size of my thumbnail, before entering a lone cloud slightly larger than itself (an unseasonal thunder storm passed over the area just before sunrise around 3 hours earlier, but the sky was mostly clear at the time of the sighting). What really caught my attention was that the object did not emerge again from the cloud. I do not know if any other person at the air show saw the object.

Kind regards


Spring, Texas, 2006

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