UFO Sighted Again over Reading, U K
Reported sightings of a ‘UFO’ above Reading have led to a flurry of calls to the Post’s paranormal hotline.

Reader Vicky Chapman, 17, called the newsroom after she and two friends noticed a glowing red ball in the sky as they walked through Whitley on Good Friday. An incredulous Miss Chapman, who works in hair and beauty in Spencers Wood, said: “We thought we were going a bit mad.

“I’m not sure what we thought it was. I was just shocked. I’d never seen anything like this before.”

The Whitley teenager, who saw the crimson orb while walking near Basingstoke Road at around 1am with friends Cherelle Maguire, 16, and Kirsty Bedwell, 17, added: “We weren’t drinking that night.” The girls phoned our UFO hotline after reading in last Wednesday’s Post about Pip Neal who spotted a mysterious green ball in the sky over Southcote the week before on Friday, April 7.

Mr Neal couldn’t sleep and went into his conservatory at around 2am for a drink and cigarette when he saw the emerald orb glowing steadily like a Roman candle firework. He said it lasted about three seconds before disappearing behind some clouds and added he was too sober to imagine it.

Miss Chapman said: “When I got home I told my friend Ryan and my mum – they thought we were mad and hallucinating.”

Have you seen any strange objects in the sky or inexplicable sights worthy of the X Files? Call the Post’s paranormal hotline on (0118) 918 3009.

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