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Nick Pope



UFO expert reveals what's really out there.

In 1991, Nick Pope landed the greatest job in the Government. He worked for the Ministry of Defence fielding hundreds of UFO reports from the public. Known as the real Fox Mulder, he controversially spilled the beans in print after he left his post in 1994. Bizarre beamed him onto the Mothership to discuss anal probes, alien rape and spooky kites...

What were you doing before you started investigating UFOs for the Ministry of Defence?

I joined the MOD in 1985, I was in the airforce operations room as a sort of watchkeeper during the Gulf War. I got talking to someone who told me about the vacancy and I thought, "Wow, OK, when can I start?" I kind of fell into it by accident. I received about 200 to 300 cases a year and about 80 per cent I reckoned I could explain pretty well. The explanations for the 80 per cent are always the same: aircraft, weather balloons, satellites, meteors, the planet Venus, lasers and searchlights.

What resources were available to you during an investigation?

I could ask that radar tapes, photos or videos be impounded and sent to me and I could call upon experts within the department to analyse them. I would get details of military exercises, flight paths of airships, the tracks of satellites and whether particular comets or meteors were prominent in the sky.

Why do you think people believe that the Government is embroiled in UFO cover-ups?

People love mysteries and maybe to say, for example, that Princess Diana, the most famous woman in the world, died in something as mundane and trivial as a car crash, is almost not enough and people think there must be something more.

Did the MOD cover up the Rendlesham Forest UFO sightings in 1980 by brushing them under the carpet?

The problem was bureaucracy, not conspiracy. Rendlesham is one of the world's most convincing UFO cases ever. It's recent and most of the witnesses are still alive. There were reliable military witnesses, collaborative evidence, the radiation readings taken from the landing site and released documents from the defence intelligence staff.

Why wasn't the case pursued?

Possibly because it took place on American bases in Britain. The Americans thought the British were investigating, the British thought the Americans were investigating. It was a tragic lost opportunity to investigate the most spectacular UFO incident in the world.

What happened with this case after you logged your report?

I launched a really thorough investigation. After about two weeks we asked the Americans, "Look, do you have some secret weird prototype that you are flying around?" Interestingly, they said, "No, do you? We've seen these really strange triangular-shaped crafts too." In the end I submitted my report right up the chain of command and I'm pretty sure it went to defence ministers at the MOD. The answer that came back was, "This is incredibly interesting, but you have done such a good investigation and completed the checks, that there is nothing left to do." Object unexplained, case closed. It's incredibly irritating, but to be fair I don't know what else I could do. I was getting close, but it was just out of my grasp.

What's the most ridiculous UFO report you've ever received?

A guy in London called me. He was looking out of his office window over Regents Park and he could see a diamond-shaped UFO in the sky. He was getting hysterical. I said, "OK, a diamond-shaped object, over a park... it couldn't be a kite could it?" and he told me not to be so ridiculous. Then he said, "It's coming down, it's coming down. It's down, it's on the ground and everyone's gathering round it... they're putting it in a box... oh, it was a kite, sorry about that."

You've been quite vocal about your time investigating UFOs for the MOD. Did you ruffle some feathers along the way?

I'm sure some people wanted to sack me, but I thought I've got interesting stories from a bizarre job and I want to write about it and let people know. I was always seen as the maverick. I was regarded as the real Fox Mulder in charge of the real X-Files and, just like Mulder, I ruffled a few feathers and I rocked a few boats. Sadly I didn't have a Scully.

Have you had cases where people claimed to have been seduced by aliens?

Yes. Men claimed to be have been seduced by voluptuous female aliens, women claimed to have been impregnated by dashing space captains.

Is it true you and your girlfriend were abducted from your car many years ago?

It's not true! It's a slight mixing of stories. What I call the 'toll-booth abduction' is a case study in my book. I haven't seen an alien and sadly I haven't been abducted, if I had I'd be wearing a top saying 'I've been to Alpha Centauri and all I got was this lousy T-shirt'.

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