Regressive Hypnosis in the Treatment of Alien Abduction

Regressive hypnosis has become a very controversial element in the treatment of alien abduction, and other post-traumatic syndromes. Regression is a concentrated hypnosis that takes the subject totally apart from the physical, and into a total mental state. The hypnotist is the key to how the subject recalls details. The operators have been accused of "leading" subjects to think they were abducted by aliens, when in fact, they were not. The operators, in defense, have claimed that no one can be made to think they have been abducted if they have not. There are two pioneers in this field that have gained the respect of students of ufology, and the disdain of hard scientists. (B J)

Whitley Strieber Whitley Strieber - 27th December 1985, New York State - U.S.A.:

Over Christmas 1985, Whitley Strieber, a successful horror novelist, was staying with his wife and son at their isolated cabin in upper New York State. He had installed an elaborate alarm system in the cabin as he had become increasingly worried about intruders.

At about 11-00p.m. on the 26th December, he turned on the alarm system and he and his family went to bed. In the early hours of the 27th Strieber was awakened by a strange "whooshing" noise and suspected that several people had entered the house without setting off the alarm.

To his horror a figure quickly entered his bedroom and the next thing he was aware of was sitting in the woods outside his house.

Strieber later allowed himself to be hypnotically regressed and whilst in this state he recalled how he had been floated out of the cabin and into a UFO. Here he encountered four different types of aliens - a small, robotic type, a short, stocky type and two others, one "very slender and delicate with mesmerising black slanting eyes", the other had "black button-like eyes".

The aliens then proceeded to perform a medical examination of Strieber involving inserting a needle into his brain and an "extremely ugly object" into his rectum.

The aliens also made an incision in his finger. Strieber's hypnotist, Dr. Donald F. Klein, was of the opinion that the novelist could be suffering from "temporal lobe epilepsy" - a condition that can produce hallucinations - but Strieber rejected this diagnosis and recounted his abduction experiences in a book, "Communion". In 1987 Strieber received $1 million as an advance for the film rights for his book.

According to Dr. Kenneth Ring's 1993 book "The Omega Project", Strieber admitted that he had not been abducted by aliens but it must be pointed out that he did, in fact, set up a foundation to help "abductees", especially those who required the surgical removal of "alien implants."

Budd Hopkins Budd Hopkins and the abductions of Linda Cortile - November 1989, Manhattan Island, New York - U.S.A.:

Budd Hopkins is probably the most prominent researcher in the phenomenon of abduction. A New York artist, he did experience "lost time" himself after a UFO sighting.

Eventually he became a leading proponent of "hypnotic regression" in abduction cases and wrote the seminal "Missing Time" in 1982.

Budd Hopkins developed the theory that abductions were part of a program of alien genetic sampling or even systematic manipulation of the human race.

His theories have provoked a rage of controversy and his use of hypnosis has attracted enormous criticism.

However, very few people would deny Hopkins's integrity and even his critics recognize him as being of "genuine character".

Footnote: Hopkins passed away in 2011. He will be recognized as one of the real pioneers in research of alien abduction.