1986 UFO Sighting at Rennes-le-Chateau
On April 24th 1986, I was in the world famous Valley of Rennes-le-Chateau made famous by many best selling books publicizing the mystery of RLC, in particular 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail' (1982.) I make no excuse for being there, both myself, then aged 30, my wife ( who has high functioning autism) who was then 38, and my stepson - my wife's son - who was then only 14, had 'unofficially' moved into the Valley in a mobile caravan pulled by a van all the way from the North east of England where my wife and I were living at the time.

We had interests in the mystery, and as my wife lives her life by signs and symbols we thought we may have some realistic possibility of understanding the mystery as it is written, involving cryptic parchments and Masonic symbolism.

We based ourselves nearby a young Frenchman called Daniel who had moved from Bordeaux to live in his self-built Navaho Indian style round hut naming it 'Lacombe'. I had encountered this name/word in a dream approximately nine months before going to France. To my knowledge, Daniel still lives in the Valley.

My wife and I visited French authoress Elizabeth Van Buren whilst there; she lived in the Valley at Les Labadous. I believe she has moved since, but still lives nearby. She was a scared person when we visited and was having trip wires installed around her property. He husband, was also an author.

I had also received the exact date; the 24th of April in a dream state months earlier, and based our efforts to visit Rennes on having to be there by that date. We actually arrived approximately a week prior.

On the evening of the 24th after a hard day's traveling about the valley on foot - as the books attest there is an alleged 'treasure' of religious import to be found somewhere nearby - we returned to our mobile alongside Daniel's hut; the time was 8 pm and it was still light and warm. In the far distance we all saw three bright lights; almost in line with a gap between them that looked like stars. They had appeared from nowhere.

Initially they were fixed but then we noticed they were moving slowly towards us. Where they went to we did not know, for next we saw what can be best described as a huge electrical storm making its way over to the valley. It was a huge cloud and from within it was the flashing of an amber light. There was no thunder only the flashing like lightning. It reminded me exactly of the biblical description in Ezekiel like a storm coming out of the east.

In retrospect, it also fits the description of a 'Time storm' as written by British UFO author Jenny Randles. The red cloud slowly moved overhead - the lightning flashed continually. It moved slowly right around the back of Rennes-leChateau, which is at the top of a very high hill, and off out of sight. Daniel commented with the immortal line I will never forget - 'I think it was a spaceship.'

Less than two days later, the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in Russia went up, with villagers reporting sightings of a strange orange cloud in the area beforehand.

Two other strange things; In the movie 'Close encounters of the 3rd kind', the French scientist who made contact with the aliens at the scene of the private landing was called 'Lacombe'! (styled on Jaques Vallee, I feel). The name of the area in which the huge UFO landed in the movie, was called 'the Devil's Tower' - it actually exists in Wyoming, USA. The Tower that our 'craft' moved behind at Rennes-le-Chateau is often referred to as ' the devil's tower'! Strange synchronicity to say the least.

This is only the second time in all of the last 20 years that I have related this account for people to read. Like the 'Close encounters movie' did we, and Daniel, have to be there to witness the spectacle ?

When we went the following morning to speak with Van Buren, her maid told us she had left early the previous day for an appointment and wouldn't be back for weeks. Obviously, she hadn't received an invitation to the evening of the 24th. With no photos and no proof other than this accurate rendition, I will leave the account there.

This is a true story. My involvement in the RLC mystery is still current. Feel free to use the account, sir. As I say, there could not be a more high profile area for this to have happened at. Best,

C. J.

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