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UFO The issue of UFOs has always been one of controversy; filled with stories of cover-ups, conspiracy, hidden agenda, and above top-secret groups. This is one of the things that makes the entire study of UFOs complicated to the point of one giving up on ever getting to the truth behind all of the sightings, photographs, and videos. It is very frustrating to say the least, and it does, at times, seem like no progress is being made at all. We continue to happily receive and log reports, and post and analyze photographic and video evidence.

However, one must ask, "Will there come a time, when all of the questions will be answered by some unexpected announcement by a government spokesman?" can hope, but realistically speaking, "It ain't gonna happen." A recent article I found on the Internet is a treasure trove of background information on why the press won't engage the UFO problem, and why governments cover-up what they know.

Reporting on UFOsby Tim Swartz, is excerpted from the July, 2006 issue of Fate Magazine. This is one of those "must read" articles for all UFO students. Mr. Swartz tells us that the mainstream press still holds to the idea that UFO reports belong in the supermarket tabloids. Also, those journalists who have published well written and researched articles on the subject have been shunned by their peers. Swartz also believes that some of the old beliefs are still with us; most notably the idea that people who report UFOs are either mentally unstable, or at least uneducated.

The press still holds to the idea that UFO sightings can easily be explained away with enough research. We are told that in the late 1940s, UFOs were reported in the mainstream, that is, before they were considered taboo. The reason for this could well be that there was no answer to the UFO mystery at that time, and many reports could not be explained with the limited resources available, so to report something of this nature would just not be good journalism.

Swartz gives you a number of great examples of different cases that were overlooked because of the prejudice of the mainstream media. Also, several examples of government cover-up are cited. Even news people who have had their own experience are afraid to come forward with their information. Maybe this is why our UFO research always hits a brick wall. Someone, somewhere is controlling the information, and keeping it out of the hands of us "common folk," who don't have enough knowledge to deal with it properly. At least, this is what they think. I dare to differ.

(B J Booth)

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