The UFOs at Reunion Island
UFO April 15, 2007-The five cases indexed on the site of Geipan are far from reflecting the entirety of the observations of not identified aerospace phenomena made with the Meeting since about thirty years. Here a nonexhaustive list of the principal businesses which defrayed the chronicle and some are always unexplained.

N the Plain-of-Kaffirs (July 31, 1968) young a 22 year old peasant, Luce Fontaine, is cutting grass for its rabbits in a clearing to 30e km when it sees an ovoid object of form, in the translucent center and the dark blue ends. The object is with a score of meters of him and seems to measure five meters broad for half top. The witness affirms to have observed in the machine two humanoïdes carrying diving-suits which it will indicate like “Michelin babas” in connection with the mascot of the mark of tire. As soon as they see Luce Fontaine, the visitors from go away in a white flash. An investigation of gendarmerie is open and the director of the departmental Service of fire and help of the time, the captain Léopold Legros, will note that the hat and the trousers were radioactive in proportions higher than the natural rates. Abnormal radioactivity is also measured on the spot of the observation.

Small-island and Saint-Denis (February 14, 1975)

There a 21 year old man affirms to have been this day in liaison with three visitors resembling Michelin fellows not far from the Piton Martyrdom. He affirms to be attracted on the spot by “bleep-bleeps” which had bored the ears to him for several days. Its testimonys gives a report of a machine “in the shape of large hat or on a cup reversed on a saucer”. It made balance with the top of the ground when three visitors left there to carry out taking away. The witness when it is discovered is projected with ground by a powerful flash and the machine flies away in a whistle. The same day at the beginning of evening of the witnesses notice above Sainte-Marie three white lights at great altitude, motionless, which will move then towards the west. Four other people are also pilot of this phenomenon above the Cauldron.

Saint-Denis (February 19, 1977) After having taken a stereotype of a plane on takeoff on the airport of Gillot, a photographer notes on his pulling the presence of an object above the plane. After checking a problem on the film does not seem in question. This case was the only one of a stereotype of UFO taken with the Meeting until the business of Saint-Joseph of August 2005 (to read in addition)

Saint-Paul (September 7, 1978) Plus of one hundred people in the open air observe in the sky above the theatre of Saint-Gilles what the director of the time had described in the following way: “Abruptly above us, the sky blazed up of a sharp blue light, of a very clear blue; in the center of this illumination, an object of a very violent green which seemed to come from the direction Saint-Gilles-the-Tops and moved towards the sea. Very quickly. We initially believed that the electric installation had jumped because the glare of the light made think a little of an electric arc or a shooting star which one would have seen closely, in a rather cloudy sky. Very happened in a few seconds but the object gave the impression to disappear in the sea”.

No Bellecombe (September 13, 1985) Three gendarmes of the PC volcano and two walkers affirmed to have seen an object of white color, shining, carrying out outward journeys and returns above the way being in the enclosure of the Piton of the Furnace. It is to be specified that at the time of this observation an eruption took place.

Saint-Joseph (August 25, 2005) young Saint-Joséphois tests his new numerical camera when its attention is drawn by an object in the sky. He takes the stereotype of the flying object which to date was not identified in spite of an investigation of the gendarmerie. The track of an airship used to take air stereotypes, evoked initially was not checked. The mystery remains on this case which was transmitted to Geipan for analysis.

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