Review: The British UFO Mystery by Graham Allen
UFO The British UFO Mystery, aired on Channel 5 – 01/11/06

It is not too often I get invited to write reviews and then again, even rarer I should write one.

This review however is one I thought I should write.

It is all so often the case, that programmes on UFOs, unbiased as they are, always seem to trawl out the same obligatory drivel and a never ending stream of sceptics and predictable mundane explanations for anything that might have some possible or even plausible other worldly explanation.

What a pleasure it was to see the tides turned and a true representation conveyed pertaining to events that took place over British soil; I am truly pleased to say I have been involved in a programme that did not show mug shots of scary aliens and put the full stop on the subject, or on this particular case at any rate !

We have all heard the story of Rendlesham Forest, and why not, it is one of the most compelling and well documented cases we have. It is no wonder the sceptics crawl out of the woodwork to knock it; we can’t have a believable case … can we ?

So what about RAF Cosford and RAF Shawbury ? … I guess this now needs debunking too ! what, with a whole documentary programme dedicated to the fact that something extraordinary happened. It is my guess that this now hitherto promoted event will become the next target for the resident sceptic and his dog; the internet too being the new debunking forum it has become will be flooded with ‘the definitive answer’ or two, or, however many it needs to muddy the water. I for one welcome debate and well reasoned argument if the facts can be otherwise interpreted. My only advice for anyone reading this review on line as a result of watching the British UFO Mystery is that you are unlikely to be enlightened if you should want to find the answer here.

Whatever will transpire, the fact remains that an official of the MoD has unofficially stated that an answer is not readily available pertaining to a documented case of an unidentified flying object over two RAF bases. Even more importantly, we heard that the US ask of us, the ‘British’, if we have “black operations” which might explain there own observations of UFOs or more accurately to the case in question, of a triangular shaped object. I would very much doubt that what was conveyed in the programme would very much worry the British MoD though there was some fairly important stuff there which is unlikely to please those who might prefer us to believe that there is no case to answer, or believe it to be something readily explained away.

When I was first asked to get involved when research for this programme began, I carried out my own search on the internet to see just how much I could find on the Cosford event. Not surprisingly, there was little that would throw much light on the story; but not so today, the sceptics have landed !

My own opinion for what it is worth and based on my own research of this case, is that the facts presented on the programme reflect the eye witness accounts of that night in that location. However, much more was witnessed that night in conjunction with the triangular shaped object which did not get mention of a substantive nature. It is my own interpretation of that event, that the object witnessed did not display known characteristics of flight other than that it travelled low and at slow speed at times, it did not covey an aire of conventional technology nor did it give the respective witnesses a sense that it was anything other than solid in structure and disproportionately imposing in its physical presence. The only one thing I found surprising was that Nick Pope felt it was the one and only case that shifted his opinion on the subject of UFOs. However, Nick in his honesty will only comment on cases of which he has had direct investigative involvement. There are many such similar cases that demand similar attention and publicity !

The British UFO Mystery (though I don’t hold my breath) will hopefully be a prelude for a new focus on the subject and herald a truly unbiased approach to media broadcasting of the subject..

Well done Steel Spyda and all !

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