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UFO Photographed at Rome Crop Circle Conference

In Mid Afternoon on Sunday September 24th, at approximately 3;30 PM, while attending a UFO conference on Crop Circles in Rome, a group of us who work for Area 51 Italian Ufo Magazine were called outside for a sighting that lasted at least 10 minutes .

Maurizio Baiata, Alberto Forgione( photographer) and I, Paola Harris with others witnessed this rod-like object that would illuminate in the sky.

It would phase in and out and at times illuminate red and orange. Since it would alternate between its stationary position and move in the clouds, we followed it for 10 minutes.

Alberto Forgione took the following photo and others that I will post on my website, www.paolaharris.it

A big thanks to Paola Harris for sending us the report.

source and references:

Photograph © Alberto Forgione

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