UFOs Photographed from Russian Passenger Plane
UFO Yesterday (08-16-06) several people who were flying from Russian town Volgograd to Moscow witnessed quite unusual situation.

The first who noticed IT was Eugenia Kazarinova. She was the first who accidentally photographed the invisible UFO that was following the plane. Eugenia Kazarinova saw nothing but a beautiful landscape outside the illuminator, but when she took several photos she noticed strange lights on them.

She was worried and showed the photos to other passengers. They began to take photos using their cameras and mobile phones. The strange lights were present on almost all the photos. The passengers became panic stricken because the lights didnít look like another plane and couldnít be seen with the naked eye.

Today experts canít give any official explanation of this strange phenomenon. Some of them say that it could be the reflection of the plane but the photos reject this hypothesis.

Source & References:

Translated by Alexander Timoshik

Archived UFO Articles and News Items, 2006

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