Russian Cameraman Records Flight of UFO
An unidentified flying object has appeared over the Yeysk Spit (Krasnodar region of Russia). According to the Russian Center TV station, inexplicable phenomena have occurred in Krasnodar Territory before, for instance, circles in fields that were allegedly not made by humans. But now the channel claims it has irrefutable evidence of non-human activity as a professional cameraman has recorded the appearance of a UFO over Yeysk.

Local cameraman Aleksey Khoroshaylo visits the shore of the Taganrogskiy Bay regularly. The Yeysk Spit is a traditional location for weddings. On that day Aleksey arrived to film the visit of a newlywed couple.

“We came here to film the newlyweds as they drove in. Our driver then says to me: Look, there is a hovercraft. I took my camera, looked at it in a close-up and saw that this could not be a hovercraft because it was too high above the horizon,” Aleksey said.

The video recording made by Center TV lasts for 53 seconds. The tape shows a disc-shaped object moving above the sea at a distance of about four kilometers from the shore. Then a flash appears in the centre and a point of light separates and moves into the skies along a bow-shaped trajectory.

Experts have viewed the tape dozens of times trying to compare the object with a ship or a plane. They have even called the military with inquiries and have received the definite reply that no tests had been held in the bay on that day.

Yuriy Stroganov, head of a local TV company, and a member of the international organization MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) carefully examined the video and concluded that “the object itself, its movements, especially those mimicking a falling leaf — the shaking from side to side — are internationally known UFO characteristics”.

Stroganov plans to send this footage the U.S. He expressed his hope that an American specialist would try to determine the origin of the object.

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