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Strange Triangle Videotaped over Vegas-August 25th 2006
On the night of August 25th 2006 at around 9:30pm I was sitting at my hotel window as I had been doing the night of the August 18th encounter. To my surprise I noticed a strange white light going across the sky at quite a high rate of speed as it approached a hotel that is currently still under construction stages.

A second light appeared and it seemed to do some sort of dive downwards towards the ground. It then levelled off and travelled behind the hotel that was under construction which is very close to the Sahara hotel. I began to video right away and managed to get 4+ Minutes of footage of this strange craft doing amazing aerial moves over Vegas.

At the end of the footage the UFO is seen going away and it is at that point that a Triangle shape is clearly visible. After the UFO had performed its tricks it went directly over the Las Vegas Airport and toward the mountains. I am sure this was not simply an ordinary plane or helicopter. No way could a normal commercial plane or helicopter perform those aerial moves directly above the USA’s most growing city at 9:30pm at night. My thought on this is that it could be some sort of Area51 project but it could also quite easily be something ET.

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