Unknown Object Photographed-San Fernando Valley
Hi, I love your site and frequent it often. I believe I have photographed my "first" UFO!

I was recently photographing the mist coming in over the San Fernando Valley in upper Los Angeles, USA when I came across the anomalous object shown in the bottom left hand corner of this photograph.

Also, for reference so that people know what I was doing, all this occurs up 1000 feet above the valley on a mountaintop where I was photographing a phenomenon where fog covered the city. That's why it looks like everything is hidden by clouds or above them. The yellow sky is normal daytime smog above the low-lying white fog.

This photo was taken in late December of last year, the exact date was 12/23/05 at 9:13 AM.

You can see how it compares in size to the jetliner on the upper right. I would think that if this object is something like an insect, it would not be so sharply defined at infinity focus just like the airplane in the distance, which is cruising at roughly 4,000 feet as it approaches Burbank Airport for a landing.

A big thanks to Robert Van den Heuvel for sending in his report and photograph to us.

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