Unknown Object Photographed over Buena Vista Park, San Francisco, CA

Dear Sirs,

Just a few pictures of something very strange above Buena Vista park in San Francisco. It was approximately 2 PM when I took the shot in late December of '05.

I was taking pictures of the clouds above the trees with a Nikon D70 and never noticed the object, so it MUST have been moving extremely quickly in an upwards direction, as may be evident upon a closer look. I can't even venture a guess as to its nature or make-up.

I only know that I took approximately 10 seconds to steady each shot, and I am positive that it wasn't visible to MY eyes. It IS obviously an extremely large mass, as I notice that it leaves a shadow against the clouds themselves.

I have seen many thousands of UFO pictures in my lifetime and I am grateful for your site and objectivity. Very nice work to say the least.

Do let me know what you think, or what others may think about what it may be after they have viewed it. I am leaving the 2 TIFF images as-is. They are my own auto-enhanced close-ups to get detail and better contrast. If there is a problem opening them let me know and I can change them to jpegs. I can also offer the original 15 megabyte TIFF of the original picture, and I would be happy to send it whole or reduced rather than the jpeg I turned it into.

Thanks for your time.


W. B.

Fairfax, Ca.

source and references:

W. B.

Fairfax, Ca.

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