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San Saba, Texas UFO Video

A couple of days ago, I received an email and an MPEG video file from Brian Bessent of UFO Theatre. After watching the film, I felt it was certainly interesting enough to let all of our readers see it. At first glance, I thought, and you will also, that the objects in question are birds, but that idea will be quickly dismissed. One of the objects makes some amazing moves significantly beyond the capability of any bird I have ever seen. In Brian's own words;

"We have been recording RODS by setting the sony camcorder on a tripod and pointing it at the sky for long periods of time and then going back and watching the video in slow motion so we can see the rod type objects. We managed to record what appears to be a cluster of strange black objects that are making some strange seemingly impossible movements at 2:40pm cst May 4th."

The camera was a sony handycam with no digital zoom being used.

"There was some trees in the shot being used for reference as we usually do that to judge the rods distances and sizes."

See video here

"The camera was very stable and the footage was very clear of these objects.... one of the ufo objects seemed to tag another ufo and it made some extreme zig zag pattern up in the sky before coming to a total stop and continuing the fly with the rest of the objects as if nothing happened."

"At first I thought the objects were a basic flock of birds of some kind but the movements prove something else... I still have no idea what the objects were at this time but I have a keen eye and I dont think they are BIRDS. I am open to all skepticism and i would like an answer as well an anyone else who can plainly see the objects are not birds."

Brian Bessent

May 6th 2003

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