Unknown Object Photographed over Santa Cruz, California, 12-30-06

Santa Cruz, California, 12-29-06-Sight seeing and taking photographs along coast north of Santa Cruz California. On back road just south of Bonny Doon, took photo of picturesque landscape. Camera was pointing approximately east. Did not see any object in sky.

Camera was Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart R967, 10 megapixels, in auto mode. Shutter speed for ambient lighting conditions varied somewhat for different scenes, but was hovering around 1/400 second.

Several hours later, looking at image on computer screen, noticed dark oval object just above trees. Another photo of the same landscape, taken at the same time but panned several degrees to the left, shows nothing.

Attached photo is untouched image taken directly from SD card in camera. No manipulation or alteration of any kind.

John Tisdale

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Photograph © John Tisdale


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