UFO Filmed over São Paulo, Brazil, 01-06-06

Hello my friends. My name is Moises Veiga. I am sending you my video of a UFO that for the first time got to record; a curious video. I see your web site has the best pages of UFO information in the world. Please see my film and analyze and publish the matter in your pages. I hope I have helped.

Brazil - City of Santo Andre - São Paulo 01.06.2006 - I was home when I went to the bathroom and I looked through the window and I saw an object at 23.24 hours. I don't know at first if it was a balloon or some other thing.

I decided to grab my camcorder and to film. I then noticed that the object didn't resemble a balloon. Then like you see in the film, for some moments I tried to adjust the focus, and then when I focused the object had disappeared

Still thinking it might be something like a balloon, I was really confused when I zoomed in, and noticed the object was disc-shaped, with lights shining underneath it. You can clearly see it in the film.

Thank you,

Moises Veiga

We thank you Moises, for sending in your film. A very compelling video it is.

Editor's Note: I received this video in a .rar file, which was 4.5 MB. I have also converted it from its original DivX format to Windows Media. A good portion of the video has been edited, because Moises was attempting to locate the object. I edited out most of the film which had Santo Andre city lights, except for some to give the film its sense of dimension and scale. If this video gets as much play as I think it will, I will make the .rar file in its entirety available in the next week or so.



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