Satellite Images of Area 51
I have made further investigations of area 51 with more pictures taken from the Hubble telescope (Editor's Note: must be satellite, NOT Hubble) from space. I have attached 2 photos, one snap shot photo taken of all area 51 so poeple can see. This photo identifies both U.F.O landing Pad #1 shown to the south of Area 51 and the second UFO Landing pad now identified to the north west.

I have also attached a closer shot of the U.F.O landing pad#2. As you would see, this has very much similarity to U.F.O landing Pad #1. The only difference here is area # 2 is of a concrete substance, and area # 1 is made of a dirt substance.Both look 30 - 40 feet in diameter, it's axis and symmetry is also very similar to each other.

Now lets make the comparison's to analyze the diameter of both landing pads 1 & 2 at area 51 photo taken by the telescope to the photo taken by Octavio Gilberto Pacheco of the UFO that landed in Mexico City Highway on 7/20/2006 in the afternoon . Indeed the U.F.O object in Octavio Gilberto Pacheco does look at least 30 to 40 feet in diameter. This should fit in with hundreds of witnesses reports being of similar size and nature as well as I have read in the past reports.

In conclusion to my analysis, I am certain that these are U.F.O landing pads on area 51 and indeed are connected to the brilliant photo generated by Octavio Gilberto Pacheco of the U.F.O landing in Mexico City Highway on 7/20/2006.

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