Unknown Object Photographed over Scarborough, 03-29-06

Hi BJ,

Springing ahead today-time wise. I have a very interesting sighting to report to you, on Mar.29,2006, after 10:15 am. Outside work in Scarborough, facing west towards Toronto, at about 3 miles from my position. A round white, flickering, near stationary object, just hanging near still about 2-3000 ft high-not a balloon. After 15 minutes, it did approach about a mile closer to my position-as it did move very slow.

It then moved to the south, probably over the Don Valley Pkwy. I than lost sight of it, due to the rays of the sun. I than focused back to the area where I first saw it. My mouth then dropped, as there was another one, just like the first.

This similar object was exactly the same in behavior, as the first in appearance, speed,and flight path included. I had taken 23 pictures of these objects, with only 2 were found with the object. Due to the object's distance,you would have to zoom. I do wonder if the activity had anything to due with the solar eclipse that day. Let alone a new moon. There is definitely something happening up in our skies! Enjoy and have a nice day.


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