Unknown Object Photographed over Scarborough, Ont., 05-09-06
Hi BJ,

I hope you are well and enjoying the day. I wanted to bring to your attention, on May 9, 2006 in Scarborough, Ontario, near 3:15 PM was on break outside work, sky watching by blocking the sun with my hand. Once again, I observed about 1500 ft + a "wave" moving above my position.

This wave resembles like a spider's web, or like a fishing line. I have seen these in the past,a nd now camera ready to photograph these waves, high in the sky. About a minute after witnessing this unknown wave, I grabbed my camera. I then blocked the direct sun rays with the building's roof. About a couple of minutes into watching the sky. I witnessed something white, moving across the sky,again about 2000 ft + or - in altitude. The speed in assumption would be about 100 MPH.

Being camera ready I snapped a couple of pictures of this white object moving northwest. I do understand that there are flying seeds happening in our skies. Although these white objects appear larger in size and speed direction, different than the seeds. I have even seen these slow down,moving high in the sun. Maybe they are probes and or scout devices flying high up there?.Here is a picture to illustrate again, to confirm in my observations of what it is I'm trying to identify. This one appears triangular in shape.

Take care and keep up the excellent job!


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