Unknown Object in Chemtrail Photograph

I hope all is well with you. I wanted to bring something to your attention. The jet trails that may be classified as chemtrails. In sky studying, these trails have become more frequent on clear blue sky mid- mornings. I have even seen a white round object, along with a witness, following along one puffy trail, back- Sept.21, 2003 in Scarborough at near 10:15 am.

I'm quite sure you are aware of these trails, they thin out, or produce low clouds in covering the clarity of the sky, or in sun blocking. Today, one jet even hooked from the northwest, following at my position, then followed east, just north of my position.

So, why not take some pictures to capture the moment. I'm curious of the activity up there of why these are produced, as they may be multi-purposed for reasons rumored. Still, in studying the pics for anything else to view I noticed the trail breaks directly north of my position.

More so, there also appears a small white round dot below the trail, just north of my position-maybe a bird, in the third picture. I'm just questioning more, why?? the jet trail activity-that we can all see!!!! I found these interesting, as I'm sure you get a pile of these from sky watchers. These were taken today, August 21,2006 at near 10:15 am, at work in Scarborough during break. Take care and keep up the excellent work for folks like us.


Thanks to Paul for sending in his report and photos.

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