Scientists Data Thrown Out by T Stokes
UFO The whole arena of Astronomical data as we know it has to be thrown into the wastebasket, says Prof. H. Cohen. News around the world today Aug.16 2006 is that another 3 planets were acknowledged and added to the current nine now known. Astrologers have suggested this very discovery for millennia.

The full list of White House astrologers is not known but these are a few I know of; Carrol Righter, Jean Dixon, Mary Jones, Joan Quigley, Joyce Jillson and Davina Cohen. Henry Kissenger is known to have discussed astrological “good and bad days” with sympathetic Foreign diplomats, and the Ex president Ronnie Reagan was quite knowledgeable on the subject. The white house has never on record, asked advice from astronomers.

The Philadelphia Enquirer revealed that the signing of the U.S Soviet treaty eliminating medium range nuclear missiles, was signed at 1-30pm on Dec.8th 1987 the best possible astrological date.

Britain’s Tony Blair is known to have what are known to insiders as “new age advisors” such as carol Caplin and her mother Silvia, apart from the heterophobic Peter Mandelsohn crowd.

Blair’s decision to hold the election on numbers making it a 5-5-5 date Is beyond co-incidence, this date can only have been made with deep technical assistance. Cherie Blair is known to favour new age and complementary healing and outlook.

The 9/11 is also no coincidence, as this is the emergency number in the states, Likewise the 7-7-7 tragedy also shows astrological planning, and it is the use of said tool that betrays its origins.

It is a well documented fact that the Illuminati use such devices as Astrology As a signature to their work,

Both the killing of T.V. personality Jill Dando on 28-4-2003, and David Kelly on an equally auspicious astrological date, are grounds for suspicion.

As is the recent withdrawal of all the Judith Miller info from her security file at Langley H.Q. That a so called “terrorist outrage” could occur in Britain, where we are told up to a dozen planes were targeted, and Tony Blair does not even give it the attention to come in to parliament to discuss it, is also very telling. He obviously knows something we do not.

The whisper is at the White house, that Tony is worried that he may go the way of other international terrorists and have to stand trial, so while he is safely away, on a cosy holiday abroad at heterophobic singer Cliff Richards house.

The White House is awaiting an appropriate astrological date to change the legislation so that political leaders are safe from prosecution, remember they changed it before so that at the Nuremberg war crimes trials no one could say they were just acting on orders, this way they could prosecute ordinary German soldiers from W.W.II.

Well now they want to protect those in the White House and the British parliament so its down to another change.

“If you cannot win the match, move the goalposts to where you can “ The news coverage from the B.B C. on Muslim anger and disapproval of the so called “war on terror” has been badly twisted, giving little coverage to the Muslim rioting in French and British cities last summer, and resembles the subliminal adverts shown on the B.B.C showing acrobats and handicapped dancers all clothed in the Soviet red of New Labour, and is a psychotic mind programming exercise in embracing ethnicity.

A friend who has a senior position in the British post office tells me many of the letters sent in to newspapers on racial issues, have addresses that do not exist on their database.

written by T Stokes

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