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Author: James Foster Robinson, Published on: March 16, 2005

You are walking the perimeter of your site in the wee hours of the morning when it is dark and still. Nothing seems to be stirring and no one seems to be about. Then the hair on the back of your neck stands up. You sense rather than hear a buzzing noise. When you look for its source, you notice a strange light in the sky overhead. And it is getting closer. Security guards and officers who work a great deal at night often see strange things. Some of the strangest are UFO's or Unidentified Flying Objects.

In the 1970's, a security guard at the local factory of Marconi's in Frimley, Hampshire, England saw an 'alien' form within a building on the site one night. This guard supposedly disappeared shortly after and has not been heard from since. Local rumor claims that many scientists who worked at the factory also committed suicide around this time. At around 7:00 p.m. on February 2, 2002, a Maysville Police Department officer moonlighting as a security guard at a power plant on the Ohio River in Kentucky spotted a strange object that seemed to be patrolling between his site and another power station across the river in Ohio. He described it as a "chevron, shaped" object that moved slowly towards the plant then turned southwest. The unknown craft had three multicolored lights in a triangular formation, red, green and white. It made no noise at all. The guard was unable to see any type of structure behind the lights as it was too dark.

In Brazil, a security guard who worked at the Pesqueiro do Rubinho reported seeing a red object that landed on the Itapeti Mountain, in Mogi das Cruzes, Sao Paulo's municipal district May 26 1999. The craft, which made a buzzing noise, left marks like feet in a circle approximately 2.4 meters in diameter with a smaller circle in the middle. The UFO was so bright it lit up a lake below. After five minutes the strange craft flew away leaving a terrified security guard who was afraid to go back to work.

A number of years ago, a security guard working the late shift at Cairo Mill in Waterhead Oldham Greater Manchester, England, heard a noise outside the mill. Investigating he saw a saucer-shaped craft with a large window, thirty meters in diameter and lit with a blue light hanging over the building. After five minutes, the strange object shot up into the sky and disappeared. That was not the only thing that disappeared that night. Apparently the factory cat disappeared also at the same time. Was it a UFO abductee?

In Modesto, California in 2002, a security supervisor and one of his guards were surprised to see what they thought was a giant UFO right over their building. They described it as being at least a football field wide with a steady, white light on the left and a blinking red light on the right. They could not discern any structure but were sure it was one craft. The UFO made no sound as it flew over their building and then over some buildings a distance away. The strange object then stopped and the red light made complete circle around the white light before it took off north at a high rate of speed. Another security supervisor, hearing of the UFO, said he also had seen it a month earlier.

A security guard one Sunday afternoon in July 1996, along with a pilot and a gamekeeper found a nine hundred and fifteen foot spiral composed of one hundred and fifty-one circles in the fields across the busy A303 road from Stonehenge in England. The huge formation took only forty-five minutes. The guard and the two other witnesses said that it was not there just before 5.30 pm but was there shortly after 6.00 pm.

On a late night shift July 28 2004, a security guard in southwest Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, spotted a disc shaped object with flashing red and yellow lights in the west sky over his site. The UFO would hover for ten minutes and then shake violently from side to side and up and down for thirty minutes. The guard went back into his shack to write his reports. Later he came outside to see it the mysterious craft was still there. It was but had been joined by seven friends all stretched across the night sky doing the same shaking. Then one craft started to fly near him. The guard got nervous and called the police. When they arrived it was too light out to see much.

Sometimes, guards say they saw something when they didnít. Maybe they were just bored and wanted some excitement. In the summer of 1967, an unidentified security guard working the night shift in a lumber yard claimed he had fired six shots at a cigar-shaped UFO one night and produced four flatten bullets that he said had hit the UFO but did not damage. When police investigated they found that he had fabricated his story and the guard confessed that he made up the story. The flatten bullets were from rounds he had fired at a steel drum.

The above stories are just a few of the many sightings of UFOs by security guards and officers that I have in my files. A whole book could be written about unearthly encounters by Security Guards and UFOs not to mention ghost and strange critters. If you have had such experiences, drop me a line and tell me about them.


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