UFO Sighting Caught on Film in Selby, UK
06 July 2006-YET another UFO sighting has been captured on camera in the skies above Selby district. As revealed in the Selby Times earlier this year, mysterious alien aircraft reports prompted a Selby UFO-spotter to appeal for help analysing the images.

Abbots Road resident Tony Topping has charted a huge rise in X-Files activity in recent years.

It was when the 35-year-old was looking back through camera footage of unexplained lights in the sky over his home in 1999, he noticed similarities in light patterns to a well documented sighting in Belgium.

Tony is now appealing for image analysis experts to come forward to help him with his discovery, while also looking to establish a local paranormal research group.

In the meantime, another strange light in the sky was spotted by Tony on June 23, fuelling claims Selby is something of a UFO hotspot.

He said: "At about 10.15pm, I was cycling down the canal and stopped to take a rest. I was on the stretch of track from the Burn canal bridge, towards the small hump-back bridge at Brayton. Oddly enough, the night before while cycling on the canal a very bright ball of light shot through the clouds at low height over an area being developed between the chemical factory and the rail bridge over the canal. I was a bit miffed having missed it off camera. However, on June 23 the object silently came through the clouds at a few hundred feet and moved from right to left glowing brightly. Luckily, I managed to film it.

"I plan in the months ahead to give a presentation evening in the town. If any older readers can help with rumours of sightings in the 1950's onwards, I would be grateful. As ever, e-mail me at tonyopsufo@hotmail.com with reports."

The Selby Times revealed last year how the area recorded an unprecedented 33 cases of X-Files phenomena in 2004 to shoot the district to third spot in the British UFO Hunters activity top ten.

Selby resident Jody Holden also featured in the paper earlier this year after taking a photo of an image showing what she believed to be an alien spacecraft looking down on Brayton Barff.

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